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4 faction forms in Athanor

Hi folks, did you know that the AOV heroes you play are from factions that are scattered all over Athanor. Yapss .. Tencent not only developed the fun of the game, but also developed the storyline of the world of Athanor. Athanor is divided into 4 factions, with each faction having its own idealism and power. Each faction also has a different opinion than the other factions, which ultimately leads to hostility between the two parties. The names of these four groups are Human, Afata, Veda and Lokheim.


The Human Faction is a faction that takes the side of the people. This faction is led by a king named Thane.

There are 3 regions that are subordinate to the noble king, namely the Kingdom of Okka, the Kingdom of Norman and the Federation Free. This faction was once led by a brave man named Arthur when the world fell almost entirely into the hands of Lord Volkath but was replaced by Thane after his death. This faction hates Lokheim, who is the source of darkness in Athanor. One of the brave soldiers of the Human Faction, namely Valhein, Astrid and Raz.


Afata is a faction that lives in the natural environment. This faction is protected and led by a queen named Tell ‘Annas.

In Afata, peace means a lot to them. They don’t want enmity with other factions that threaten the residents. Afata residents have several other protectors, including Zill, Krixi, Zuka, and Kill ‘Groth.


The gods live in the Vedas. The Vedas are led by a goddess of light named Ilumia.

It is known as a very sacred temple called the Temple of Light. Ilumia also asked Lauriel, Yorn, Xeniel and Tulen for help in guarding the Vedic territory. Lokheim is the main enemy of the Vedas, because Lokheim symbolizes the opposite of light, namely darkness.


Light is fleeting, darkness is forever

A word “often used by supporters of Lokheim’s faction. This faction is hated by all other factions, especially the people and the Vedas. Lokheim was once headed by Volkath, but was after his death by the arrow of Maloch and his dark lover Veera replaces the Queen Tell ‘Annas.

There were several people from other factions who had fallen into Lokheim’s hands, such as Arduin, Alesiter, and Marja. Over time, Lokheim managed to revive Volkath and restore Lokheim’s leadership in Volkath’s hands.

Well, guys … you already know the difference between the four factions. Between human, Afata, Veda and Lokheim, on whose side you stand. Let me know the answer in the comment column and if you feel like reading my content today. Don’t forget to share with your friends so you don’t miss any exciting information about the game world folks.

I will first say goodbye and see you ..

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