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3 fatal errors in user support in Mobile Legends!

Here are 3 Fatal Mistakes That You Should Avoid While Becoming a Support User. are Mobile legends. Good to hear!

Meta Mobile legends in season 20 this makes hero support very OP and this means that more and more users can be found easily and at any time.

But the fact is that not many user support really understand and even like to make some trivial fatal mistakes.

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Here are 3 fatal mistakes that you as a support user should not undertake Mobile legends Do it.

Wrong position


The first mistake is the wrong position, what does that mean? The point is that their position is too sidelined during the war.

His position is far from the core hero in the team, mostly silent on a track and so on.

Too many are dying

3 Bug Hero Support Role Mobile Legends mlbb ml
Source: UHDWallpaper

The second mistake is to die too much, this must be avoided so that you don’t keep giving your opponent gold / exp over and over again.

And being able to contribute to the team more than dying all the time. This second point is related to the first point.

Do things that don’t matter

5 Best Mobile Legends (ML) support Heroes Strongest OP Season 19
Source: UHDWallpaper

The final mistake is that there is still a lot of user support out there doing something that isn’t important.

A clear example is farming, not roaming or staying on one lane for too long, not being aggressive and so on.

These are some fatal errors that User Support makes. often does Mobile legends.

Not only is the above list for learning, it can be used to remind your teammates not to make the above mistakes.

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