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3 annoying metas that have been in Mobile Legends so far

These are the 3 most annoying metas in Mobile Legends so far, what metas are there?

There are many options and strategies in Mobile Legends that have been played by many players so far.

But quite a few of them are included in the annoying strategy and are very hated by Mobile Legends players.

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In this regard, there are 3 of the most annoying metas of all time in Mobile Legends, the SPIN Esports version.


Hero ML anti-recall Masha

Long before the strategy or hypercarry meta was popular in Mobile Legends, gamers were familiar with the meta split push.

This meta is very easy to do because all its job is to keep pushing the side tower until it breaks and the heroes to rely on are Masha, Zilong and others.

This meta is hated by gamers because it is very inconvenient, those who wanted to join the war, lord etc had to deal with a shared hero.

Tiktok meta

Meta Mobile Legends

Then there’s the MLBB Tiktok meta, the recently popular meta on Tiktok that makes our tower break instantly with no time to hold it.

Players playing this meta will immediately go to the designated tower and simply press until the tower is empty.

This meta is hated because it spoils the fun and enjoyment of playing Mobile Legends.

Meta Diggie Feeder

meta diggie
Photo via yt RRQ R7

Finally the diggie feeder meta, this meta is very hated by gamers because it makes the fun of MLBB gaming less fun. Diggie’s job is just to insert the core of the opponent and keep dying.

Especially for core users who really hate this meta because it keeps pestering Diggie throughout the game and it’s pretty annoying.

Those are some very annoying metas that have been around in Mobile Legends so far.

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