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2 ways to live stream Mobile Legend on Facebook – 2 ways to live stream Mobile Legend on Facebook easy. Mobile Legend is a very popular RPG game today. Almost all smartphone users play this game between their busy lives. Well, one of the things Mobile Legend players do a lot is live streaming. Live streaming is done to get a pretty decent number of diamonds to survive.

Please note that Mobile Legend gives its fans access to live streaming. In addition to getting diamonds, live streaming on Facebook can also be done for various other Mobile Legend players. The method is quite simple and easy. Check out some of the presentations below.

    How to Stream Mobile Legend on Facebook 2 Ways to Live Stream Mobile Legend on Facebook

How to stream Mobile Legend on Facebook

1. Via game apps

to Mobile Legend livestream on Facebook, you can do it right from the Mobile Legend game application that you have. Here’s how to set up the first live streaming of the mobile legend, which is easy because you don’t need another device to do live streaming.

Well, in order to do live streaming, you need to go through several steps. The first step is to select the Livestream menu on the left side of the screen while viewing the game lobby. Then select the Live Stream on Social Media option that appears on the tab.

Well, in this option you will see two options, namely YouTube and Facebook. Since the live stream is via Facebook, then click on the Facebook option. Then press Start.

It will take you some time to confirm. When finished, press Confirm and select Start Now to start the Mobile Legend livestream from the Facebook application. However, it should be noted that live streaming requires a strong and stable signal.

2. Using the Omelette Arcade app

Another way to live stream Mobile Legend on Facebook is by using an arcade omelette app. This is an application that is very helpful and reliable for Mobile Legend live streaming.

This application is free to download from Google Play and gives you unlimited access. Yes, this application can be used not only for Mobile Legend game but also for other games. Then how do you stream Mobile Legend live on Facebook using this application?

To perform live streaming with this application, simply open this application after installation. After that, you have a choice of what type of game you want to play. Click on the Mobile Legend option and enable the existing live streaming feature. However, of course, log into Facebook first to connect this application. Well, this is a very easy way to live stream.

Here are some How to stream Mobile Legend live on Facebook what you can do. I hope it helps.
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