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13 Quick Ways to Earn Many Mobile Legends Battle Points in a Week [Lengkap]

Battle Points (BP) is the main currency in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. BP can be used to buy many things. The most important thing is that you can buy heroes. Therefore, a lot of BP can increase your power.

Since you can buy almost all of the heroes in Mobile Legends using BP, it is important that you learn how to get BP in a short amount of time. And here, Adora Games has fully rounded up all of the Battle Point (BP) sources that you can collect. Read on for tips and tricks on how to get and collect lots of Battle Points in Mobile Legends!

1. Open free chests

Yes, this is just one of the easiest ways and you shouldn’t miss it. This free chest is in length and you can take it every 4 hours and can be stacked or accumulated a maximum of 2 times.

You also need to know that this free chest gives not only Battle Points but also Emblems, Fragments and Magic Dusts.

2. Open the medal chest

Another chest not to be missed is the medal chest, which is located just above the vacant chest. You can open this chest after you have followed and completed the game. The faster you win and finish the game, the faster you can open these chests. You can run for this medal chest every 12 hours.

Just like free chests, these chests don’t just give battle points. You can get rewards like Emblems, Fragments, and Magic Dusts. And this chest has a bigger reward than the free chest.

3. Claim daily rewards

Go to the Daily Rewards menu, which lists tasks for each day. Complete all of these tasks and you will receive Battle Points in return.

After completing the tasks, you will be given an activity score. There are four levels, each of which gives a certain number of Battle Points.

Level 1 – 30 combat points

Level 2 – 40 combat points

Level 3 – 60 combat points

Level 4 – 100 combat points

There are also two chests that you can pick up. These chests are available every week and can be picked up when your activity point reaches 400 and 800. These two chests also give you battle points.

4. Maintaining a high credit rating

You can check your creditworthiness in the profile menu at the top left. This credit score is the score of your gambling behavior for the week.

If you play well during the game week and have a credit score of 90 or more, Battle Points will be posted to you. And this increases the level of the combat reward limit.

On the flip side, if you’ve misbehaved in-game during the week by doing things like AFK, not participating when a game is won, or misbehaving that results in other players reporting you. These things automatically reduce your credit score, so you miss the opportunity to increase the battle reward limit.

5. Always check the mail menu

Have you checked every letter you received? If not, try to check now!

Because where the letter is there are not only news, notifications, announcements and reports. Moonton sometimes sends gifts to all Mobile Legends players in the mail. Of course, this price also includes Battle Points.

6. Open the events menu

In certain events there are many things that can be obtained. Where you complete special missions every week. This event can give you special items that you can later exchange for Battle Points.

7. Complete various achievements

There are many achievements that can be earned in Mobile Legends. And the good news is, it’s not just Medals of Achievement. All achievements in Mobile Legends come with prizes and can be in the form of Magic Dusts, Fragments, Emblems, and even Battle Points. However, some successes are quite difficult to achieve.

8. Try your luck at Lucky Spin

At Lucky Spin you can try your luck here, for the first time you can spin Lucky Spin for free every few days. You can get random prizes at roulette. And there’s a prize in the form of 300 Battle Points on this list, not bad if you can get it. There are also Heroes or Hero Skins that you can get here.

One of the tips to get lots of Battle Points: if you have a hero who is currently in Lucky Spin and if you play Lucky Spin and get the hero you already have, lots of Battle Points will be accumulated. Much luck!

9. Use the double BP card

You can use a double BP or double BP card with the recorded length of time. There is a BP Double 1-Win Card, a BP Double 1-Day Card, a BP Double 3-Day Card and many more. Even so, all of these cards have one thing in common, namely that they double the Battle Points you get during the game. Not only does the cards add a maximum BP amount of 1,500 BP.

10. Sell unused event items

There are times when the event has ended and you still have unused event items, as event items can only be used during the event. But that doesn’t mean the items are worthless, you can earn them as Battle Points by selling them.

11. Use existing test hero cards

Trial Hero Cards can be seen in the menu Pocket. This trial version is useful for trying out a temporary hero or hero skin. However, if you already have that hero or hero skin, they will be accumulated in Battle Points instead.

12. Become a Starlight member

One of the many benefits of being a Starlight member is the extra battle points you get after each battle. As a Starlight member, you will receive an additional 5% Battle Point reward at the end of each battle.

13. Play Mobile Legends as often as you can

It’s no secret that the more you play Mobile Legends, the more Battle Points you earn. “Each game mode you play gives you a certain amount of BP. If you’re a player with a good credit score (i.e. 90 or more), you can earn a maximum of 7,500 Game BP per week.

Yes, these are 13 quick ways to get lots of Mobile Legends Battle Points in a week. Playing the game yourself is still the best way to get Battle Points in Mobile Legends. There is a limit to the number of BPs you can get so that the game doesn’t get too tiresome. Play now and collect the maximum number of Battle Points per week.