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10 tips and tricks for beginners playing Genshin Impact

For real mobile gamers, you need to be familiar with this one game. Genshin Impact has become the most popular game. RPGs implement a gacha mechanism, another name for gift boxes for monetization, although you don’t have to spend any money to enjoy the game or even become an expert.

Genshin Impact is one of the greatest mobile RPGs, even on PC with emulators, and to be honest, you lose track of time while playing. To make it easier, I’ve rounded up some essential tips and tricks to help you out, especially if you are just starting out to play this game.

1. Keep exploring

Genshin Impact Adventure

While exploring or opening the map, you can fight different types of monsters, open treasure chests, and uncover secrets. Make sure you take whatever you have like flowers, food, ore, chests, etc. There are certain flowers that you will need to use elemental magic on in order to be able to retrieve them.

Make sure you pick it up as it will be important for future quests. If you see chests or collectibles, it’s a good idea to pick them up before proceeding. You need to increase your adventure level to unlock new features and get rewards.

This can be done by earning Adventure XP, which will increase your rank as you complete missions. So, besides exploring, make sure to return to the Archon, Story, Commission and Map quests that were given to you.

2. Pay attention to perseverance

In addition to combat, each character uses stamina for various things like sprinting, dodging, climbing, swimming, sliding, etc. The stamina meter can be seen as a yellow UI bar element to the right of your character.

The more perseverance you have, the longer you can do anything. Since this is an important resource, please take the time to update it. This can be done by collecting oculus (anemoculus and geoculus) and then visiting and worshiping the statue of seven where the objects are used.

Oculus are items that can be found scattered across the northern area of ​​the map. By offering St. Statue of the Seven Anemoculi and Geoculus, you will also receive various rewards such as Primogems or Adventure Rank EXP.

3. Gacha. to play


Genshin Impact includes a ‘gacha’ system to unlock new characters through an in-game system called Wish. In addition to new characters, you can also get rare weapons. This can be done with ‘Intertwined Fate’ and ‘Acquaint Fate’ and it is best to unlock ten at a time as this will guarantee your chance of 4 stars.

To get any of these fates you will have to increase your Adventure level or spend Primogem. Where did you get Primogems from? Well, this particular currency can be obtained by doing simple things in the game such as: B. Complete quests, open chests, defeat enemies and much more.

Finally, you can spend some cash to buy Genesis Crystals, which can be exchanged for Primogems. While it’s the easiest way to spend real money getting good characters and weapons, there are plenty of ways to earn Primogems, Intertwined Fate, and Acquaint Fate as the game progresses.

4th rank up

Adventure Rank (AR) is your account level, which can be increased by accumulating Adventure XP. This can be done through Archon Quests, Story Quests, and World Quests. Note that Adventure Rank is not the same as character experience or level, as each affects different game mechanics.

Every time you complete a mission and increase your adventure level, you will also receive some rewards. Make sure to return to the adventure booth every time you level up. This way you can get rewards like level 5 and level 10 etc.

Certain missions are not available until you reach a certain level. In addition, you can earn Adventure XP by doing daily commission duties. It is unlocked at level 12 with four different missions that offer party EXP. You will also get more bonuses for completing all four.

5. Customize elements


Your main character can have the power of the wind (Anemo) or the power of the earth (Geo), whichever you choose (you can switch between the two once you have access to the Liyue area). Amber has the power of fire (Pyro), Kaeya has the power of ice (Cryo) and Lisa can conjure up lightning (Electro).

There are more characters that you will find and of course with different elemental powers. This will allow you to better understand each character and their attacks by switching from the mix of elements in between that are appropriate for use.


Switching characters during combat can help you master attacks and element combinations better. For example, two wind characters increase stamina, while two fire element characters increase attack by 25%. So it’s very influential folks, that element!

6. Speak

If you’re a fan of RPGs, you know that most NPCs exist in the game for no reason other than some useless dialog. Some characters have secret missions that you can take on, and some even sell rare items.

It is highly recommended that you speak to anyone you meet along the way, especially if you are hiking in the wild. These may seem like time-consuming tasks and activities, but they can result in some bonuses for characters that you may have missed out on.

7. Obtain the relevant artifacts and equip them

Artifact Genshin Impact Indonesia

You can get artifacts by doing everything in the game such as: B. Open chests, complete missions, get special EXP in adventure books, win battles and so on. These are special accessories or items that can be attached to your character to grant special healing bonuses, HP, and critical attacks.

Each character can equip up to five artifacts. After placing a specific artifact in an empty character slot, you can see the change in the 2-piece and 4-piece set bonus statistics on the right. Ideally, you should try to make sure that the artifact that comes with each character enables these additional statistical benefits

Note that artifacts can be upgraded, which means you can destroy fewer artifacts to get upgrade materials. If you get better artifacts in the game, you can also later break open the upgraded artifacts to get those upgrade materials back.

8. Equip weapon

Gun genshin impact

The weapon system is similar to artifacts with the options Enhance or Refine. If you have a double weapon, you can use it to repair the same weapon and increase the bonus. Refining a weapon doesn’t help increase its base damage, but it does increase the additional stats or buffs it grants.

Blacksmiths who use the Wagner name in Monstadt can make improvement ores if they are lacking weapon upgrades. Just offer Mine Iron Pieces by smashing rocks. It’s best to use a character with a two-handed weapon or use the character’s geo-elemental skills to break rocks faster.

9. Learn a recipe

Genshin influence

Genshin Impact allows food to be cooked (and then consumed), which helps increase character’s stats. In order to become an in-game master chef, you need to make sure that you get hold of the various ingredients required to make delicious treats.

You can unlock new recipes as you increase your Adventure Rank, and you can also learn some by talking to people you meet on adventures. You have to try to reach the expert level for each unlocked recipe.

10. Constellation


Each character has a constellation and if you happen to get the same character through Wish, you can unlock and receive passive skills in that constellation. Good and recommended for players who are not using real money to maximize their character (but you should still consider paying if you enjoy the game). The passive skills gained from these constellations may not always be great, but some of them can change the game.

Co-op or party mode can help you out of trouble

Maybe this is a little extra for those of you struggling with quests and dungeons, folks!

There’s a lot to discover in Genshin Impact, so don’t hesitate to try something new. Focus on enjoying the game and you will find that you end up in a pretty competitive place even as a free-to-play gamer!

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