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10 surgical heroes you must have in Mobile Legends 2021

Here are 10 OP heroes you need to have on your Mobile Legends account. Is there anyone?

There are 100+ heroes in Mobile Legends that you can see right away by opening the MLBB application.

Well, so many heroes are making players feel insecure about which heroes are or are not really worth buying and owning.

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Players are reluctant to regret having to buy one of the 100+ heroes in Mobile Legends because collecting battle points for buying a hero is hard to ask for forgiveness.

But don’t worry, SPIN Esports will be recommending 10 MLBB OP Heroes who are really worth buying or owning so far.



First, Uranus is the hero we highly recommend you. In addition, this hero is also a hero that is quite easy to play.


Then there is Hylos, whose mechanics are not high, but the influence in the game is quite big, if played right then you deserve the name Hylos.

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We also recommend Esmeralda because of its high flexibility on all tracks and always Meta in every season.


We also strongly recommend that you have Chou as it is always meta every season and can also be played in different roles.


Hero Counter Roger Mobile Legends

Do you need a strong core hero in the early to late game? Rogers the answer. Yes, this hero is very suitable for you too, at least because the damage gameplay of this hero is pretty easy to understand as well.

Yu Zhong

Then there is Yu Zhong, the most feared hero in the early game, who we highly recommend to you, Offlaner users.


In addition to Yu Zhong and Paquito, this tough hero is also highly recommended as he counters high damage, high mobility and lots of heroes.


Heroes Hypercarry Mobile Legends
Photo via mlbb

Do you need a hero mage whose gameplay is simple but the damage is above average? The answer is Harley. On top of that, Harley is also a hero who is consistently in the meta-game, whatever it is.


We also added Lancelot to the list thanks to its easy gameplay, high damage, high mobility, high immunity, etc. You could say Lancelot is the most complete hero in MLBB right now.


Superhero skins ml

After all, we recommend Bruno, consistently high damage, high mobility and, above all, that you can often rely on it in every meta, makes Bruno worthy of your possessions.

How about if one of the 10 heroes is one of your favorite heroes? Or do you want to add more heroes? Write your comments.

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