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10 Best Mobile Legends Heroes 2021: The Damage Is Painful!

OKEGUYS – This is the best Mobile Legends hero in 2021 who has subscribed to a ban in the boys ranked mode.

Some of these best heroes have buffs or new heroes that have very high damage and are hard to beat.

Using this hero, you will most likely win easily. Who are the Mobile Legends heroes? Check out the following article.

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The following is a list of the best Mobile Legends Heroes in 2021

Mimin has rounded up some of the best heroes out there right now, with these heroes also often being used in ranked mode to make heroes hard to fight.

1. Nathan

Best mobile legend hero
Photo: Mobile Legends

Nata is a heroine who was released by Mobile Legends just last month and immediately became a ranked ban subscription.

Since the best Mobile Legends hero has unnatural damage in this case, guys, he can fight 5 enemies at once, you know.

Nata is basically a marksman who has a high level of difficulty and also has good resistance.

2. Yi Sun-shin: Hero Mobile Legends

yi sun shin best hero in Mobile Legends 2021
Photo: Mobile Legends

In addition, Yi Sun-shin is one of the best heroes in ML and, after Natan, the sickest shooter at the moment.

After receiving the skill buff and damage as well, Yi Sun-shin became the hero most used by some players.

Using that one hero the chance of winning is pretty good folks, for those of you who want to win fast you have to give it a try.

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3. Yve: Hero Mobile Legends

Photo: Mobile Legends

Yve is one of the heroes named The Power of Slowmo where he is the best ML hero who has very good slowmo ability.

Yve can immobilize the enemy. When the enemy is hit by his skill, it will automatically slow the enemy by 35%.

This hero is included in the role of magician and becomes a ban subscription in ranked mode.

4. X.Borg

Photo: Mobile Legends

Well, the hero nicknamed Burning This is also the best ML hero in 2021, guys.

Because this hero has such great damage and is pretty hard to kill too, especially when he’s immortal, ouch.

X-Borg is a hero with a fighter role focused on Skill 1, where X-Borg is rarely used basic attacks.

5. Kaja

Best mobile legend hero
Photo: Mobile Legends

Kaja is currently the most used hero in ranked mode and is positioned as a sideline or offline.

Kaja is the best at going one on one in Mobile Legends, he is able to defeat his enemy in just a few seconds.

6. Alucard: The best hero in Mobile Legends

Alucard the best hero in mobile legends
Photo: Mobile Legends

The sixth row is Alucard, folks, that’s also the sickest hero in Mobile Legends, let alone made a core.

Alucard can fight 3 enemies at the same time and take down himself, but this hero’s weakness is Stun.

With the enemy stunned that much, Alucard can still be defeated, but it also depends on you playing it and looking for the right position and time.

7. Zilong

Photo: Mobile Legends

Not only is zilong often used as an offlaner disturbing opponents, but it is also often used as a core by several players, including Mimin.

Zilong is able to kidnap his enemy, it only takes a short time to kill him, so kidnapping a low HP hero like Marksman is very easy for Zilong.

Zilong is also widely used as a split push hero, capable of destroying the opponent’s tower in just a few seconds, guys.

8. Barats

Photo: Mobile Legends

Not only is the damage great, Barats is also known as a tank-flavored hero fighter.

This is due to its passivity, in which collected barats stacks can turn into monsters over time and their HP also grows thick.

That way, Barats is also the toughest hero in the game, Barats usually being put in the Guys Offlaner position.

9. Saber

Photo: Mobile Legends

Next up is the Assassin’s hero, folks, who else if not Saber, the best kidnapping hero right now.

Saber is the best Offlaner and Sidelaner hero I’ve ever used, even a lot of the players use this hero to win the fight in any mode.

Saber has skills and basic attacks that are very painful, especially when you combine it with several items suitable for him, there is no pain reliever.

10. Lancelot

Best mobile legend hero
Photo: Mobile Legends

Well, if this is one of the favorite heroes for anyone who plays Mobile Legends, guys.

Almost all Mobile Legends players take advantage of the agility and sharpness of this one hero because Lancelot is one of the best assassin heroes in Mobile Legends, guys.

Lancelot is usually used in the core or mid laner position, guys, on average, those who use this hero win the game very quickly, but it depends on the style of play and also on the team spirit.

Well these are some of the best Mobile Legends heroes for 2021 Guys, just give it a try, you are guaranteed to win!

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