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Yi Sun Shin Revamp becomes an assassin in Mobile Legends

Now it’s hip makeover heroes in Mobile Legends, one of which is the makeover of Yi Sun Shin. The currently silent hero archer has been upgraded to better suit the current strongest archer.

The overhaul that is taking place in YSS is not just about the looks, but also the skills which are very important. He even got a new role like Lesley, namely sniper assassin. Although he has a mixed role, the main role of this hero is the Sagittarius.

In my opinion, this YSS revamp heroine is more similar to Freya because almost all of her skills have changed. But unfortunately, folks, a good change is inversely proportional to a disappointing design. Ok, let’s see what has changed from this YSS.

Yi Sun Shin’s new skill update

This significant change in YSS occurs in Passive Skills, Skill 1 and Skill 2. At skill 2 it is still the same as it is now on the original server.

Passive Skill: Heavenly Vow

Skill yi sun shin revised
Passive ability YSS Revamp. Photo: Ferris wheel

The first passive of YSS is to have two attack modes, long range and long range. That passive is still the same guys as it was before the revision. Well, every time you change the attack mode from long range to close range or vice versa, the next YSS base attack will be increased.

The basic attack damage increases by 110% and definitely deals critical damage. Then we’ll get extra attack speed too, gang. With this new ability, Berserker’s Fury and Scarlet Phantom are the two items that YSS is currently using.

Every time we activate the passive mentioned above, the cooldown of Abilities 1 and 2 YSS will also decrease for 1 second. This means that YSS is more likely to spam skills, gangs like assassin heroes.

Passive from YSS can not only reduce damage and cooldown, but also turn the base into a ship and increase its HP. This passive is the same as it was before the revision folks.

Then YSS can raise the turtle ship, which is next to the base, every 180 seconds. Movement speed is also increased by 40% and can change the function of Skill 1. This passive is also the same as it was before the revision.

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Skill 1: One wave swing

Yi Sun Shin charges in the direction we indicated, dealing physical damage to enemies who hit him. We can use this skill’s shot to trigger the passive, guys. Because skill 1 can approach the opponent and move away from him.

At the start of the rework, YSS will gain CC immune effects and damage reduction when sprinting with this skill. But in the patch update 1.4.70 this effect will be removed. Although both make YSS an OP and are widely used by most players.

But now YSS gets a regeneration effect when using skill 1. It’s okay for gangs to survive when there is a collision or farming.

Skill 2: Flood of Blood

Now we can use this skill, held or not. If we use it directly, YSS will cut up the sword. In this way the attacks are hand-to-hand combat. Enemies hit with this skill when not held will take physical damage.

If we hold this skill, YSS will shoot the arrow, causing greater physical damage. If we press this skill longer, the damage will increase by 150%.

Ultimate ability: mountain shocker

For the ultimate, it’s still the same as it is now, guys. YSS will order its fleet to launch fire arrow attacks three times. The attack hits all of the contents of the card and can be slow and cause physical damage.

The last word

In my opinion, YSS becomes a pretty terrible hero hunter later on. Since YSS has a higher movement speed and has a dash, it will be difficult for the enemy to escape. In addition, every time the attack changes, it can also deal critical damage.

What do you think of this Yi Sun Shin Revamp, gang? Is it broken or the other way around? Share your thoughts in the comments column.

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