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Xiangling vs Kaeya, the best free Genshin Impact Character Duel – Genshin Impact characters are obtained through Gacha with quite difficult ways. Mainly to get a * 5 character, which is rare and very useful in the game.

But luckily, miHoYo has a number of free characters that you can get just by playing this open world action RPG game. Not just a traveler as the main character.

At the beginning, Amber is introduced to new players who are teaching gliding or gliding. Then from the story you get the magicians Lisa and Kaeya in the city of Moon City.

Then, when you complete Spiral Abyss Floor 3, Room 3, you will receive Xiangling as a free Genshin Impact character. There’s also Noelle if it’s your first time gacha.

There are still Barbara and Fischl, who were distributed free of charge during the event. In Update 1.3, miHoYo Genshin Impact * gives 4 characters for free. But if you miss it, you lose the chance of getting it.

Interestingly, some of the free characters that you get from the story for free are also very interesting. Even rated as competitive compared to * 4 and even * 5 in helping your game.

Namely, there are Kaeya and Xialing, two characters that are available for free but are still reliable in the late game. But which of the two is the best to join the team?

Xiangling vs Kaeya, the best free Genshin Impact Character Duel.  (
Xiangling vs Kaeya, the best free Genshin Impact Character Duel. (

Both Kaeya and Xiangling have the potential to become DPS or damaging characters. However, the main potential of these two characters is to become a Sub-DPS or a support in Genshin Impact.

Here’s a comparison between Kaeya and Xiangling as the best free character.

1. Statistics progress

Kaeya - Genshin Impact.  (
Kaeya – Genshin Impact. (

Kaeya not only increases the base HP, ATK, DEF when increasing the character. But it also increases Energy Charge, especially above LVL 40. Meanwhile, Xiangling adds Elemental Mastery.

From this it can be seen that in the late game Kaeya will find it easier to fill up energy for elemental burst spam. In addition, the Kaeya skill has a short cooldown of just 6 seconds.

In the meantime, Xiangling’s Elemental Strike is more optimal when there is an elemental reaction, considering that the higher the character level, the higher the elemental mastery. But to pop it more often, you’ll need more energy rechage weapons and artifacts.

2. Elementary

Xiangling - Genshin impact.  (
Xiangling – Genshin impact. (

Keiya is very useful for those of you who need to give enemies a cryogenic status. This is followed by elemental attacks by other characters such as Pyro or Elektro to get more damage.

Xiangling is effective for activating reaction elements on enemies exposed to the electrical, hydro, or cryogenic status. Also, it has a very effective Gouba attack skill as a starter to generate reactions with other characters.

3. Weapons and Artifacts

Kaeya - Genshin Impact.  (
Kaeya – Genshin Impact. (

The team’s experience is that there are more sword types scattered than polearms or spears. Especially for * 4, which is often sourced from Gacha, which gives Keiya more choices.

For artifacts, it depends on the character build you want to create. However, according to the elements, the Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula Domain, which is where the Crimson Witch of Flames is located, has a lower level of difficulty than the Peak of Vindagnyr, which is where Blizzard Strayer is located.

Because it’s easier to craft 4 sets of Crimson Witch of Flames artifacts that add Xiangling Pryro damage compared to 4 sets of Blizzard Strayer to increase Keiya’s cryo damage.

4. Support

Xiangling - Genshin impact.  (
Xiangling – Genshin impact. (

Who would have thought that Keiya also has healing abilities, unfortunately only for this character. In addition, it enables the generation of elementary particles when casting skills.

While Xiangling will be very useful for increasing ATK, not just on this character. Namely Bewar’s passive skill It’s Super Hot, which leaves chili paper after Gouba disappears. This item increases ATK by 10 percent for 10 seconds.

Keiya, another passive talent, reduces stamina expenditure when running in a team by 20 percent. While Xiangling is useful in cooking, it offers an ATK boost.


Xiangling - Genshin impact.  (miHoYo)
Xiangling – Genshin impact. (miHoYo)

Keiya will be very useful for those of you who want to give enemies a Cryogenic Status followed by a combination of other character elements. Also useful for freezing enemies hit by Hydro.

Meanwhile, Xiangling not only confers pyro status, but can also create action items for enemies hit by other elemental statuses. Plus the ability to add another character’s ATK, which is very useful.

Since there are more features to help out in the game, as well as plenty of build options, team prefers Xiangling as the best free Genshin Impact character right now.

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