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Wrong pilot, 5 Mobile Legends Heroes guaranteed useless

Hero Raphael. (YouTube / Mobile Legends Bang Bang) – If there is usually a list of the best heroes every season or after an update, we will provide information on the “worst heroes”. If the pilot is wrong, these 5 heroes in the Land of Dawn are guaranteed to be useless.

Actually, all of the heroes in Mobile Legends are basically good, depending on who the pilot or player is using.

However, there are some heroes who miss items and positioning just a little can be fatal.

Even this line of heroes can be a feeder if it’s not in the right hands.

Here are a number of the 5 most “useless” heroes in Mobile Legends

1. Rafaela

Rafaela Mobile Legends.  (
Rafaela Mobile Legends. (

This cheap “older” support hero is actually pretty good at bringing rain to teammates.

However, if the user does not have the correct positioning, Rafaela is very easy to kill.

This hero is prone to being a feeder due to its very thin durability.

That makes Rafaela the worst hero when the pilot isn’t good at it.

2. Estes

Estes Mobile Legends.  (
Estes Mobile Legends. (

In the hands of a professional player, Estes can elevate the auto attack, Rain, to a great source of energy for teammates.

However, the Estes user needs to have the right timing when spending their skills.

If the user is just careless, Estes is very easy to kill even from assassins to tanks.

3. Argus

Hero Argus.  (
Hero Argus. (

Argus is famous as a hero who can convert damage into his HP with Ultimate Eternal Evil.

Just like Estes, Argus users need to have the right timing when attacking.

When Ultimate Argus is up and the enemy already knows his skills, that hero just has to wait (until Ultimate is used up) and finish together.

4. Zilong

Zilong Mobile Legends.  (
Zilong Mobile Legends. (

Zilong is an assassin hero who can be used to initiate attacks thanks to his creativity.

Even so, Zilong is very easy to exit if the build items are sloppy.

If Zilong attacks at the wrong time, Zilong can become an easy target for the opposing team instead of killing them.

5. Layla

Layla Mobile Legends.  (HiTekno)
Layla Mobile Legends. (HiTekno)

Layla is hit as a sniper with a relatively long attack range and high damage.

Nonetheless, Layla is also popular as an MM with slow movements and minimal stamina.

If you don’t keep your distance and use the right combat spell, Layla will only become the butt of the opposing team.

That was the bunch of the most useless heroes in Mobile Legends (if the pilot used it wrong) what do you think?

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