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Worst and Best Sun Mobile Legends Item Build 2021

Sun is one of the battle heroes in Mobile Legends. This hero is quite strong in the early game to late game as he can clone himself into 3 characters (doppelgangers). In addition, Sun has passive and active abilities that can reduce the opponent’s physical defenses by 6 percent and can be stacked up to 10 times or up to 60 percent. Not to mention, this battle hero can be your mainstay as you push the tower.

In Season 17 in MLBB, Sun is rarely played. The term sun is no longer a meta in the land of dawn. Even if the battle heroes have the advantage of numbers and high DPS performance, especially when 1 on 1 against the enemy.

However, Sun is still Mobile Legends’ favorite hero at the Epic or Grandmaster tier. This is because at this level, players are more preoccupied with damage and life stealing, and often ignore strategies like Legend and Mythic levels.

This time, we’re going to discuss the worst and best recommendations for Sun Mobile Legends builds, along with the emblems and battle spells that come from the top 1 Global Indonesia Mobile Legends.



Build high damage Sun Mobile Legends items


1. Warrior boots

This item gives Sun 15 Physical Defense and 40 Movement Speed ​​and Warrior Boots. Warrior boots should be Sun’s first item.

2. Corrosion scythe

Sun is a hero who relies on illusions or shadows to take down enemies. Corrosion Scythe is the second choice with an increase of +50 Physical ATK, + 5% Movement Speed ​​and + 25% Attack Speed. In addition, this passive item can give the enemy a 30% slower movement effect and increase the attack speed by 8% for each normal attack, which can be stacked up to 5 times for 3 seconds.

3. Demon hunter sword

The demon hunter sword itself can add stats in the form of +35 physical attack and + 25% attack speed. This item also has a passive ability called Devour, where an auto attack deals 9% of the target’s remaining HP as additional damage.

In addition, each basic attack grants 4% Physical Lifesteal for 3 seconds, which can be stacked up to 5 times.

Doppelgangers or Sun Shadows take additional damage from passive abilities (devouring) and become an option for life stealing issues. So it can be compared to 3 demon hunter swords. Guaranteed tankers, riflemen and other battle heroes fell to their knees in front of Sun immediately.

4. Thunder belt

Thunder Belt adds +900 HP, +30 Mana Regeneration, + 10% Cooldown Reduction and +40 Physical Defense. This item is an added Sun build in Mobile Legends so it isn’t too soft or dies quickly.

But why the thunder belt? there are many other items of defense.

Thunder Belt has a unique passive that is quite annoying and this item can be synced with Corrision Scythe which gives a slow effect. If the target is hit by a Bass Attack, the target will gain a slowing effect for 1.5 seconds and after using a skill, your Bass Attack will deal additional real damage equal to 2% of the target’s maximum HP.

The thunder belt offers additional effects of the demon hunter sword and the scythe of corrosion as well as the defense of this Mobile Legends battle hero.

5. Oracle

For defense, Sun can use Oracle, which has a feature that increases shield and HP regeneration by 25%. With this passive, our HP and our shield regeneration increase by 25%. In addition, there is +850 HP, +42 Magic Defense and + 10% cooldown reduction.

6. Queen wing

This item gives Sun +1000 HP, 15 physical attack and + 10% cooldown reduction. Queen Wings can deal with attacks and reduce 50% incoming damage for 5 seconds when your hero’s HP is less than 40%. And there’s an additional 30% Lifesteal if your cell phone is below 40%.

In terms of attack and defense, Sun is very profitable as a battle hero in Mobile Legends. Try it out, guaranteed Easy profit.


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Recommended sun emblem


This emblem that you need to use affects the abilities of the 6 items above, which is the support emblem.

In level 1 Agilit, use 3x points to increase the movement speed for Sun’s hero.

At level 2, you can use 3x Hybrid Regeneration to add 5.20 HP and Mana regeneration every second. CD Reduction, Movement Speed, will be very useful in the early game, even in the late game, as there is an additional 15% cooldown effect on Combat Spells from the Pull Up Talent.

Battle magic sun

You can use Sprint when Sun goes offlaner in Mobile Legends, usually used to run away from enemies or turn attacks on enemies.

These are some tips for building sun items along with recommendations for emblems and battle spells from the top 1 in the world. Good luck, dear league players!

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