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Why is BCA Mobile Red? Here are the causes and solutions

Why is BCA Mobile Keeping Red Light – Are You a BCA User? You are probably familiar with the BCA Mobile Banking application.

There are many conveniences that you can take advantage of with this application.

Especially nowadays with the trend to do banking without going to branches or ATMs.

The existence of internet banking and mobile banking is sure to be very helpful to you.

This new breakthrough in internet banking and mobile banking is one of the most effective breakthroughs compared to SMS banking.

BCA Mobile Banking is one of the internet banking applications.

And if you have been using BCA Mobile Banking for a long time, you will not be surprised or will not know the indicators in the application.

It is not uncommon for errors to occur with this indicator that disrupt your banking process.

In addition, BCA Mobile Banking can only be used when the control lamp lights up green.

Why does the BCA Mobile indicator light stay red?

The above problems must be common and disturbing. Here are the reasons BCA mobile continues to be red.

Why is BCA Mobile Red?

This often results in the red light indicator remaining on due to several factors.

For example, the available Android devices do not support the BCA Mobile application. If the Android device does not support this, it will surely be difficult to install this application on your smartphone.

The version of the application is also very influential. In addition, the installed version of the application is not yet the latest version of the BCA Mobile application. Check the app version regularly.

How can you solve it then?

How to overcome the red BCA Mobile ad

To overcome further from the red control light is actually quite easy. It depends on where the cause is.

To find out how to solve it, you can go the following ways.

Close the BCA Mobile application.

You can close this application first if an error occurs. Also clear the history of currently open applications.

When you’ve closed everything, you can reopen the BCA Mobile application.

Restart your smartphone.

Reboot here is not a reboot to the original factory settings. If you have problems, you can deactivate your smartphone immediately. After you disable it, you can turn it back on.

Then open the BCA Mobile application BCA re again

Unstable network connection

First, check your network connection. Make sure your connection is stable enough before doing any banking with this application.

This is because the internet speed has a huge impact on the BCA Mobile application’s performance.

Those were some of the causes and how to overcome the red BCA Mobile indicator light. You can try it first.

If you tried the above steps and were unsuccessful, you should contact Halo BCA for more information.

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