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Where does Phoenix Force FF come from? Here is the country of origin

Where does Phoenix Force Esport FF come from – Phoenix Force is one of the eSports teams participating in FFWS 2021.

The Phoenix Esports team won the 2021 Free Fire World Series game title.

Therefore, Phoenix Force is now a hot topic for many FF fans.

Where does Phoenix Force FF come from?
Where does Phoenix Force FF come from?

Lots of people get curious about this Phoenix Force Free Fire esports team. Therefore, this time we will talk about Phoenix Force and their victory in the FFWS 2021.

Those of you curious about Phoenix Force FF can refer to this discussion.

Where does Phoenix Force FF come from?

The Phoenix Force Free Fire win is clearly a pride for the homeland of this esports team.

Until now, many have wondered which country this Phoenix Force Free Fire came from.

If you are a good follower of FFWS, you must understand where Phoenix Force FF came from.

The Phoenix Force esports team is from Thailand. In the final of the FFWS 2021, which will take place on Sunday, 30.

The two representatives from Indonesia, namely Evos Divine and First Raiders, were also defeated by the Phoenix Force.

List of Phoenix Force FF members

Phoenix Force Free Fire, which will participate in FFWS 2021, consists of six members.

The six Phoenix Force employees participating in FFWS 2021 are Dlong, Thecruz, Lukz, Joena, Zeenon and also Rambo.

Dlong’s team won with a total of 113 points and 48 kills. Of the six rounds of the match, Phoenix Foce FF managed to get Booyah four times.

So don’t be surprised if Phoenix Force scores well above other teams’ scores.

Phoenix Force FF Kemenangan victory

Because they managed to win the FFWS 2021, which took place in Singapore, the Phoenix Force will receive prize money of $ 500,000.

Converted to rupiah, these $ 500,000 would be equivalent to 7 billion rupiah. Below is the final ranking of FFWS 2021 Singapore:

  1. Phoenix power
  2. According to
  3. silence
  4. River
  5. HQ Esports
  6. Burst The Sku
  7. Team AZE
  8. Evos Divine
  9. Geek Gam
  10. VIP e-sports
  11. First raider
  12. goddess

Congratulations to Phoenix Force Thailand for winning FFWS 2021 Singapore.

Hopefully this Phoenix Force win can be a valuable lesson for the Indonesian team so that they can perform even better in the future.

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