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When will Free Fire turn off? Check out the truth here

free fire Shutdown – Fans of the popular online game Free Fire have recently wondered if the game will close in 2021 and when will Free Fire close. because uncertain news is circulating on the internet claiming the game will go away this year.

Currently, Free Fire has a user base of more than 80 million active users, with more than 500 million downloads registered since its launch.

However, despite its immense popularity and large numbers, there are concerns among many online fans that Free Fire will be extinguished in 2021.

When is Free Fire turned off?
When is Free Fire turned off?

but we will review it as follows

Will Free Fire be closed in 2021?

Many wonder when Free Fire will be shut down in 2021 or when Free Fire was shut down. The answer is no, Garena has never reported any removal or shutdown of its flagship game, Free Fire, this year.

In fact, this game has improved a lot, including many features that have been enhanced so that players are interested in playing it. and later most of the users of the Garena Free Fire game will be in Indonesia.

When will Free Fire be deactivated?

Free fire closure rumors that have surfaced recently because the Indonesian government is about to stop free fire due to many underage users playing the battle royale game.

The news was purposely written by a website like channel45news, there will be information about Free Fire which will be deactivated on July 18, 2021. After an investigation, it turns out that the website is a prank website and anyone can play pranks on the website.

As a result, the news that the free fire shutdown was not true because it was created on purpose by a prank website. For those of you who use Garena Free Fire, don’t worry because it is not true that Garena Free Fire will be disabled. Don’t worry, you can enjoy this game without worrying about the game turning off.

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