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What is Role Mobile Legends for Beginners?

If you want to play the Mobile Legends game, knowing the role of the hero is certainly a must. Because each role has its own characteristics, which can later be adapted to your gameplay.

Then actually What is a role hero in Mobile Legends game until do you really need to understand and learn?

Role Mobile Legends is a grouping of heroes in Mobile Legends that are tailored to their tasks and functions. There are currently more than 100 heroes in Mobile Legends and all of them are categorized into different roles.

6 roles of mobile legends that need to be understood


Role mobile legends, role ml, what is role?

You may have already imagined it from the name alone. Yes, tanks have a very high level of defense. That’s why the tank always attaches itself in a team fight or becomes a pocket at the front.

Roller tanks themselves are also divided into 2 categories, namely support tanks and initiator tanks. Tank support has a very good recovery ability against its team. Usually tank support heroes have good HP heals like Hylos and Minotaur.

Then there is the initiator tank, whose job it is to initiate attacks on the opposing team. After initiation, your teammates secure from behind. Heroes including the initiator tank include Khufra, Atlas and Tigreal.


Role mobile legends, role ml, what is role?

Tanks and fighters have short attack ranges, so both have fairly high defense. But hunters have a defense that isn’t as high as tanks and a pretty big attack.

Now this fighter is widely used as an offlaner. What is Mobile Legend Offlaner?? Offlaner is a hero who finds himself on the side lane (bottom or top) that is usually only occupied by himself. Hence, the fighter must have a pretty good defense as well.


Role mobile legends, role ml, what is role?

Assassin is The most difficult role of ML because to master it, you need flying lessons and qualified skills. Most Assassin Heroes have agile movements and high damage.

When played by a professional, the assassin is a very deadly hero. Players who play role assassins must have high killing skills.

Because it is the task of the assassin himself, as executor, to ensure that the enemy really dies. Until now, Fanny has become a very difficult heroine to master.


Role mobile legends, role ml, what is role?

The role in Mobile Legends that has the greatest crowd control and the greatest ability to cause damage is the mage. Most mage heroes start the game with very high damage.

However, its effectiveness in the late game is not as great as it is in the early and middle games. In the past, the hero mage was often used as a midlaner and played as the core. But at the moment it is widely used as a support.


Role mobile legends, role ml, what is role?

Marksman has a ranged attack that acts as a damage dealer. Snipers will usually look dominant in the late game because they’ll have to farm first to get items.

Marksman can be a Mobile Legends role hero who can turn things from losing to winning. Because the sniper damage in the late game is very large.


Role mobile legends, role ml, what is role?

Support to be ML hero type which is currently rarely used. The number of support heroes available is also very low. The role of support is for team recovery, the tasks of which are almost the same as tank support.

Most players are more comfortable using mage heroes as a support. Examples are Kagura and Chang’e.

You understand correctly from the above explanation What role do mobile legends play?? There are at least 1 or 2 roles that really have to be mastered in order to become a team balancer in the game.

This is the news from esports games about the role of Mobile Legends. Hopefully this short discussion can be useful for those of you just getting started with this exciting MOBA game.

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