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What is El Clasico Mobile Legend? Here is the answer

El Clasico Mobile Legends – lovers of Mobile Legend games is no stranger to one of the biggest tournaments in Indonesia, namely MPL or Mobile Legend Professional League.

This MPL ID, or Mobile Legend Professional League, is the place for the best ML teams in Indonesia to show off and compete against each other. In the course of the MPL you will find exciting matches so that this one tournament should not be missed by ML lovers.

We know that mobile legends are currently preferred by children over adults. This game can be superior to games with a MOBA theme.

El Clasico Mobile Legend
Mobile Legends Professional League

Obviously, by the time this article is published, Mobile Legends has an exceptional number of installs which is over 100 million installs on the Android platform.

What’s this El Clasico Mobile Legend?

Not just the Spanish league that has an El Clasico game between Barcelona and Real Madrid. The Mobile Legends game universe also features El Clasico games, which are often fiercely fought between two huge esports teams, namely RRQ and Evos.

The game that took place between RRQ and Evos is known as the El Clasico match because they are both great teams and have a lot of fans. So that every RRQ vs Evos match is always exciting.

The nickname el clasico has been popular since the second MPL season, in which both teams were equally strong and managed to advance to the big finals. The match in the grand finale was so fierce that RRQ eventually emerged victorious.

El clasico was repeated again when RRQ and Evos were reunited in the grand finals of MPL season 4. From this match, Evos also managed to show its strength by winning the MPL Season 4 title.

El Clasico Mobile Legends in MPL Season 5

The MPL Season 5 is currently running and will soon enter the grand finals. The El Clasico match had already fought over a place in the grand finale by chance.

The match between Evos and RRQ was so exciting that a third game had to be played.

The first game was dominated by Evos, who was so aggressive with the heroes Ling and Claude. However, RRQ was able to equalize in the second game with good play from Leomord Lemon and Claude von Xin.

The third lap was very tough until RRQ emerged victorious and secured a place in the grand finale. In this way, Evos fell back into the lower bracket and had to beat Onic to win a place in the grand finals. If Evos succeeds in defeating Onic, the el clasico will be repeated again in the grand finale.

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