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What does the word susceptible to enemies mean in FF? So it turns out

What does vulnerable mean in FF? As a Free Fire player, you will often have to hear or say the word vulnerable while playing the Free Fire game.

It turns out that the term vulnerable in Free Fire often confuses new players.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what Prone means in Free Fire. Because this time we are going to explain what the word vulnerable means in the Free Fire game.

What does susceptible mean in FF
What does susceptible mean in FF

Learn more about vulnerable ff, how to read vulnerable ff and error-prone ff from this article.

Which means vulnerable to open fire

The term vulnerable, which is widely used in the Free Fire game, comes from English. Vulnerable means susceptible or susceptible in English.

In Free Fire, players also use the term vulnerable to describe conditions that creep or creep.

In the Free Fire vulnerable game it creeps or creeps, the purpose of this vulnerable one is to secretly kill enemies or dodge enemies.

Now you understand the meaning of vulnerable in Free Fire, so no longer should you be confused when someone mentions the word vulnerable.

How to moor on an open fire

How to do lying in Free Fire game? Lying down in the Free Fire game is very easy as all you have to do is press the button to lie down.

Press the Lying button that appears on the screen to lie down in the Free Fire game.

Prone position is recommended when you are in a high position, e.g. B. on a roof or on a hill.

So that you can lie securely, first find a quiet place when lying down.

How to be prone to bugs in Free Fire

There is a bug that allows you to shoot enemies without getting caught. The location of these prone to errors is different, you can try to make error prone in the Bermuda Soap House.

Climb onto the roof of the soap house and use the gloowand as a hold. Then turn off the internet connection first so that your network turns red +999 in the Free Fire game.

In this offline state, you can walk around for about 30 seconds.

Restart the internet you are using, this will take you to the bottom of the roof of the soap house.

You can hide under this roof while shooting at enemies in range

These error-prone locations vary, sometimes in soap houses, in old cars, in drops of water, in piles of boxes, and so on.

That’s what we can say about the meaning of prone in the Free Fire game. Hopefully this discussion of the importance of vulnerable FF and how to use bug-prone FF is useful to you.

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