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What does the FF alliance mean? See the full statement

What does the FF Alliance – Free Fire games are always interesting and discussed, especially since this game is one of the most popular games.

Those of you who have just played the Free Fire game may get confused by some of the terms or things in Garena Free Fire.

One of the things that Free Fire players are often confused about is alliances. You and other new players may be wondering what the Free Fire Alliance means.

Therefore, we will take this opportunity to discuss alliances in Free Fire.

What arti Alliance in the open fire?

Playing the Free Fire game is definitely easier when you are playing with friends. Then what about those of you who are soloing Free Fire? For those of you who play solo, you can make alliances.

In Free Fire, this alliance is an action where you invite other people who are not teammates to become partners until the end of the game.

When you invite an enemy to be a friend in a Free Fire match, it says What is the Meaning of the FF Alliance.

What does the FF alliance mean?
What does the FF alliance mean?

Benefits of Forming a Free Fire Alliance

Forging alliances can be beneficial, especially for those of you who play alone. By forming alliances with enemies, you have friends that you can rely on.

You and your alliance friends can share loot and support one another.

However, forming an alliance in Free Fire is indeed a little risky. Because sometimes there are enemies who do not want to be invited to an alliance and attack you instead.

To do this, you must first understand how to form an alliance so as not to be attacked by the enemy.

How to Form a Free Fire Alliance

How can you ally yourself with the enemy without saying a word? There are clues and things you can do to show your enemies that you want to form an alliance.

To create an alliance:

Output emotes

Emotes can be used to form alliances with enemies in the Free Fire game. Get an emote that seems friendly, like the hello emote or the flower emote. Do not issue emotes that can provoke the opponent’s emotions so as not to be attacked.

Giving medicits to enemies

Give the enemy a medkit as a sign of peace and as an invitation to the Alliance You can also give your enemy a medkit as an excuse for shooting at them.


If you encounter an enemy who is not attacking you, you can disarm immediately. Disarmament can be used as a symbol of peace and as an invitation to alliance with the enemy.

Keep crouching down

Have you ever seen a player crouch in front of you repeatedly? In fact, the player is trying to get you into an alliance. You can also squat repeatedly to invite the enemy into an alliance.

  1. Repeated hitting of a pan or melee weapon

Repeated hitting of a pan or melee weapon can also be used as a signal to form an alliance. Generally, this gesture is performed while repeatedly crouching in front of the enemy.

How? Do you understand the importance of the Free Fire Alliance? That’s all we can say about alliances in the Free Fire game, hopefully it’s useful.

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