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What are Black Fragments in Black Desert Mobile?

Black fragment Black Desert Mobile – The recently released Black Desert Mobile game is indeed an interesting one to watch. Actually, this one game has been around for a long time, but not for smartphones. Black Desert Mobile itself is a game with the MMORPG genre.

The Black Desert Mobile game, which can be easily played on smartphones, gives fans more flexibility to play this one game.

While it has almost the same genre as several other games, it can be said that Black Desert Mobile is quite unique and fresh.

This uniqueness makes lovers even more eager to use Black Desert and try out different missions that must be completed.

The vehicle that can be used in this Black Desert Mobile game is a horse and of course makes the game even more fun.

Black fragment Black Desert Mobile
Black Desert mobile games

But unfortunately you can’t just ride a horse and there are conditions to get the horse to obey you. This is just one of the most exciting parts of the Black Desert Mobile game.

Black fragments in Black Desert Mobile

This Black Desert Mobile game now also has Black Fragments that can be swapped. It weighs around 0.30 LT and has an unknown lifespan. This Black Fragment does not offer personal transactions, but has a shelf life of approximately 32767. The Black Fragment itself is a seed fragment with black energy content.

The purchase price is around 1,000 and no market price is given. Availability is in the United States, France, Russia, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, and a few others. It should be noted, however, that the Black Fragment in the Black Desert Mobile game is still in development for several other countries.

So are you interested in the Black Desert Mobile game which has a variety of games? If you’re interested, you can try downloading it from the Google Play Store.

There you can also see a lot and interesting reviews of the game Black Desert Mobile. When you play this game, there will be an exciting sensation while playing.

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