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Update Rare Skin Fragment June 2021, here is the list

Update Rare Skin Fragment June 2021 – Rare Skin Fragment is one of the items in Mobile Legends that you can collect to purchase an upgraded Mobile Legends hero skin.

The selection of skins that you can buy with this rare skin fragment changes every month.

In June 2021, the list of rare skins that you can exchange for rare skin fragments is also different from the previous month.

Update rare skin fragment June 2021
Update rare skin fragment June 2021

For this reason, this time we will bring you the Rare Skin Fragments Update 2021

Update rare skin fragment June 2021

Collecting Rare Skin Fragments is quite difficult compared to collecting Premium Skin Fragments and Hero Fragments too.

Because of this, you need to carefully choose which rare skin to buy with this fragment.

We recommend using rare skin fragments to buy skins that you really want.

Would you like to know what skin options are available in the Rare Skin Shop? The following is the June 2021 Rare Skin Fragments update:

  1. Layla Bunny Babe
  2. Natalia phantom dancer
  3. Gord Professor of Hell
  4. Argus Dark Draconic
  5. Alucard Viscount
  6. Irithel night arrow
  7. Harley Royal Magister
  8. Cyclops deep-sea rescuers
  9. Gusion Cyber ​​Options
  10. Leomord Frostborn Paladin
  11. Kaja Kaminari
  12. Gatotkaca Mighty Guardian
  13. Kimmy Steam researcher
  14. Execute Helcurt Exoracial
  15. Minisitthar Gilded King

Starlight Skin Rare Skin Fragment Shop June 2021

When you become a Starlight member, you receive many benefits, including exclusive skins. This exclusive skin for Starlight also changes every month.

In this June 2021 edition, Moonton has some super cool exclusive skins for Starlight members.

The following is the exclusive skin for the June 2021 edition of Starlight Member:

  1. Pine Head Candy Bear
  2. Lunox ash blossom
  3. Ling Street Punk
  4. Granger bio soldier
  5. Silvanna Pure heroine

You can buy Starlight members if you want to get the exclusive Starlight skin.

In addition to being able to get exclusive Starlight skins, you will also receive many other prizes when you buy Starlight members.

This is the list of Starlight Skin Updates and Rare Skin Fragments for Mobile Legend in June 2021. If you are not satisfied with the skins in the Rare Skin Shop, then do not use your Rare Skin Fragments.

Use rare skin fragments for the next month. Who knows what skin you’re looking for will be present at the rare skin shop.

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