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Update Patch Mobile Legends 1.5.56 This is a list of Buff & Nerf Heroes

Mobile Legends (ML) just updated the 1.5.56 patch. In this Advance Server, Moonton officially presents some of the latest features for you to enjoy. One of them is the presence of the newest hero named Gloo.

So, aside from Glo, what list of the latest features will Moonton, the developer, come up with this time around to accompany players in the 1.5.56 patch update? Here’s a look at the full leaked patch update below.

Update Mobile Legends 1.5.56

Mobile Legends patch 1.5.56

Mobile Legends is one of the games that is updated regularly. After the Mobile Legends patch 1.5.54 was updated yesterday on February 5th, it is now back with the update 1.5.56. There are several updates for you to enjoy including Glo heroes and Mobile Legends heroes getting Neff and Buffs.

Hero Gloo, the forest clover

Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.56 Hero Gloo, the Forest Goo

Actually, the Gloo hero has been around some time ago under the name Daktec. But in the latest update, Moonton changed the name to Gloo. Gloo himself is a tank hero who is shaped like a monster. Dressed in a dominant purple color, Gloo looks very unique.

If there are no obstacles, this hero will be officially released in April 2021. Exactly after several new heroes like Yve and Beatrix were released on the original server. In terms of abilities, Gloo is endowed with abilities to attack opponents by dealing magical damage.

Then Gloo moves back and attacks the opponent’s weak point. As for the ability to escape, that one hero with the ability to lengthen his body can paralyze the enemy in just a few seconds.

In addition to the abilities above, Gloo also has the ultimate 2 Mechanism Ability. First, this ability allows Gloo to create a clone, then attack and give basic attacks to the opponent. Second, this giant hero attacks by holding onto the enemy and then carrying out a fatal attack.

Hero Buff and Nerf 1.5.56

Hero Buff and Nerf 1.5.56

1. Beatrix

Beatrix was the first heroine to receive a buff, whereby the changes to the following weapon optimizations and basic attacks can be seen:

The ultimate passive is nerfed, Speel Vamp is replaced by Lifesteal.

Attack speed decreases when the Nibiru weapon is used.

Base damage: 600-1000> 650-1050

Base damage: 450-690> 480-720

Base damage: 280-420> 300-440

Base damage: 220-315> 240-330

The special skill button has been moved closer to the recall button

2. Argus (Buff)

The next hero to get the buff is Argus. Argus has been observed to improve its ultimate and basic attack skills.

Damage attack: 60% physical attack> 100 physical attack.
Get healing by increasing the tower’s base attack

Cooldown: 80-60 seconds> 70-50 seconds.

3. Curse (Buff)

Moonton no longer ignores Bane, it has been proven that this one hero is given a buff to increase the strength of physical abilities. In addition, in the early game, Bane receives an increase in magical skills, making farming easier.

HP regeneration: 8%> 10% of HP loss
Magic power bonus: 240%> 200%
Base damage: 150-350%> 180-380

4. Barats (Buff)

Barats get a buff by increasing their damage ability.

Max HP bonus increased from auto attacks: 2%> 3%

Max. HP bonus from attack damage of the first attack increased: 6%> 7%

Dyrroth will enter the meta ranks and receive a passive skill buff.

HP regeneration from normal attack increased: 40% damage taken> 50 + 40% damage taken.

5. Wanwan (Buff)

If Wanwan got a nerf in the previous update, it is believed that Wanwan will get a buff in this update by gaining more speed.

Base damage: 60 -120> 100-200

The player can see more buff symbols

6. Yi Sun Shin (Buff)

Not just Wanwan, but Yi Sun Shin who both received buffs.

First base attack damage: 110% – 200%> 120% 200%
Second damage from basic attack: 55% – 70%> 60 – 75%

7. Benedetta (Buff)

Benedetta receives an increased damage ability and a CNY special skin.

Base damage: 100-140> 120-160

8. Popol and Kupa (Buff)

Get new effects on ultimate skills.

New effect: after reaching the goal, the traps give a visual effect

9. Alpha (Buff)

Alpha gets a buff in the form of the fastest cooldown among other heroes.

Cooldown: 20-12 seconds> 16-10 seconds.

10. Silvanna (Nerf)

This is the second time Silvana has been nerfed. If you give Silvana a nerf, that hero will be automatically kicked out of the meta ranks.

Basic magic power bonus: 75%> 60%

11. Esmeralda (Nerf)

Similar to Silvana, Esmeralda suffered the same fate. This hero is weakened by immobilization and ultimate sinking abilities.

Immobilization: 1.2 sec.> 1 sec.

This is the information about the Mobile Legends 1.5.56 patch update that is available on the Advanced Server. Although there was no official announcement, if there are no obstacles, this update will only be released on the original server in early March. So be patient and wait for the big changes in Mobile Legends (ML).

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