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Under US x FF: That's true about his collaboration Col

Under US x FF – Among Us and also Free Fire are games that have a large number of users. In fact, these two games are often placed in the leaderboard of the most downloaded games on the Google Play Store.

As popular games, is it possible among Us and Free Fire to work together?

Leaked images of the Among Us x Free Fire collaboration were also recently released. To find out the truth about the collaboration between Free Fire and Among Us, you can read this article.

We’ll let you know if Among Us and Free Fire are really going to work together.

Between us x Free Fire

Free Fire is arguably a game that collaborates quite a lot. Free Fire was started as a collaboration with a very famous RPG game, which is the Ragnarok game.

In addition, Free Fire has also worked with popular Netflix series, namely Money Heist or La Casa de Papel.

Among Us also often works with local artists or public figures. One of the proud Indonesian artists to work with Free Fire is Joe Taslim.

By working with Garena, Joe Taslim becomes a Free Fire character named Jota.

Under US x FF
Under US x FF

The number of collaborations carried out by Free Fire certainly does not rule out the possibility of a collaboration between Us x Free Fire.

Since the characters in Among Us are very iconic, it is an advantage to have Free Fire partnered with Among Us.

Is it true that Among Us is partnering with Free Fire?

While the news about the Among Us x Free Fire collaboration sounds very tempting, it turns out that the collaboration news is all gossip. Neither Free Fire nor Among Us ever mentioned a collaboration.

Then what about the leaked pic of Fee Fire x Among Us working together?

If you see Among Us characters that are supposed to look like Free Fire characters then the picture is just fan art.

This collaboration rumor started from the Instagram account @ freefireupdate77, who posted a photo of the character Among Us, who is similar to the character of Luquetta, DJ Alok and also Kelly.

It turns out that the @ freefireupdate77 account reposted @soycristianyahir’s fan art post.

So we can be sure that the leaked images of the Among Us x FF collaboration that you see are just ordinary fan art. Garena and InnerSloth also didn’t talk about this collaboration rumor at all.

While news of the Among Us x FF collaboration is just rumor, the Free Fire class may be partnering with Among Us. If it really comes down to a collaboration, the interest of Among Us and Free Fire players will definitely explode.

Enough of this discussion of Among Us x FF, I hope you find it useful!

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