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Under US Naruto APK: Multi-character game

Among US Naruto apk – Game Among Us is one of the most popular games with a lot of mods. You can find many mod versions of this Among Us game. The latest version of the mod that came out recently is Among Us Naruto, aside from Among Melody apk

For those of you fans of the Naruto anime, you can install Among Us Naruto Mod on this one.

We will also provide complete information on Among Us Naruto Mod Apk.

Under US Naruto APK
Under US Naruto

Those of you who wish to install and download Among Us Naruto can read this article to the end.

Between Us Naruto Mod APK

The look of the usual Among Us game with the Among Us Naruto game is very different. In Among Us Naruto, you can see pictures of Naruto characters adorning the spaceship.

Among Us Naruto also includes Naruto’s hair, Obito’s hat, Hokage hat, and other Naruto-themed hats that you can try.

There is also an additional Mod Menu Cheat in Among Us Naruto. You can enable cheat features like Always Cheat when using Among Us Naruto.

Those of you who always want to be a scammer can download these Among Us Naruto Mod Apk directly.

So download Naruto Mod Apk from below. down

You can easily download the Among Us Naruto game. How to download Among Us Naruto Mod Apk game:

  1. Open the browser and visit the download link Among Us Naruto at
  2. Press the blue Download button to download the Among Us Naruto application.
  3. If you have the original Among Us application installed on your phone, you will need to uninstall the original Among Us application.
  4. Don’t forget to enable the setting that allows installing apps from unknown sources. This must be done in order for the Among Us Naruto installation process to go smoothly.
  5. Install the Among Us Naruto Mod Apk application that you downloaded.

How to play Naruto among us

The way to play the Among Us Naruto game is the same as the usual Among Us game. But when you open Among Us Naruto you have to enter the application password first

To play Among Us Naruto you can enter the password which is “MZ”.

If you want to activate a cheat for Among Us Naruto you can click the Mod menu button on the screen.

Then all you have to do is activate the cheat menu that you want to use in Among Us Naruto.

If you have activated the cheat, you can play Among Us immediately as usual.

How interested in installing Among Us Naruto? Please follow the steps above so that you can install the Among Us Naruto application smoothly.

So first this discussion about Among Us Naruto Mod Apk, good luck!

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