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Under Melody APK: How to Download and Play It

Under Melody APK – What is Under Melody? You may have heard of Among Us Melody lately. Well, Among Us Melody is a mod version of Among Us.

Since it is a mod version, Among Us Melody looks different from Among Us in general.

In the game Among Us Melody, the game display is dominated by enchanting shades of pink.

In addition, the characters in Among Us Melody are different and cuter than the usual Among Us games.

Under Melody APK
Under melody

If you are curious, you can read the article about Among Melody this time.

How to download under Melody

In order to satisfy your curiosity about Among Melody Apk game, you must download the Among Us Melody game. How to download Among Us Melody Apk game:

  1. To download Among Us Melody you can click the following link via Mediafire:
  2. After you go to the Download Among Us Melody page, you can press the blue download button. Download Among Us Melody’s file size is only 67MB.
  3. Once you’ve downloaded it, you can install Among Us Melody.apk directly.
  4. In order for Among Us Melody to install successfully, you can enable the Unknown Source installation setting.

How to play under Melody Apk

The Among Melody or Among Us Melody games still play the same way as the standard Among Us games. So there is no difference in how you play the standard Among Us games and the Among Us Melody games.

What sets the Among Us Melody game apart from the usual Among Us is just the look of the game and the characters it contains

Therefore, those of you who played Among Us can definitely play Among Melody.

Weaknesses of the melody

The downside to this mod from Among Melody is the lack of skins and pets. Although there are already skins and pets in the original game that you can get.

While there aren’t any skins and pets, Among Us Melody’s adorable looks is a shame if you don’t try it out.

Hopefully the Among Melody mod can evolve in the future. So that you can later use skins and pets while playing Among Us Melody.

Just pray that the Among Melody Apk mod can quickly release a new update with additional skins and pets.

How do you care Among Melody? Follow the Among Melody Properly Downloaded Steps above so you can properly install this game.

That’s all we can say about Among Melody Apk, hopefully it’s useful!

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