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Uncovered! Here are the weaknesses and strengths of Hero Selena Mobile Legends | Games – Selena is a unique heroine in the Mobile Legend game as she has 6 skills and 2 roles, namely Assassin and Mage with specialists in high crop / explosion damage.

Well! Previous TechnoGang has fully explained regarding this Selena hero. Especially on this occasion, I will discuss again before using this hero, first knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the Hero Selena Mobile Legends, especially in 2021.

Hero Selena’s strengths and weaknesses

Selena – Mobile Legends

The benefits of Hero Selena

1. High damage

Selena takes high damage when she switches to Abyssal Form mode and becomes an Assassin Hero who can kill enemies quickly. Especially at the beginning of the game where Selena is very over powered and always gets First Blood.

2. High mobility

Thanks to Skill 3, Selena can explore each lane very quickly, because when she changes modes she gets extra movement speed. Even if it is only for a moment, but can be repeated as the cooldown of Skill 3 is very fast so we can spam it.

3. Good combination of skills

In Elven Form mode / when she becomes a mage, Selena can use her 1st skill to create traps out of 3, and her 2nd skill will stun the targeted enemy. Then, in order to take down the enemy, Selena will switch to the abyssal form mode / become an agile and deadly assassin.

Lack of hero Selena

Hero Selena –

1. Difficult to master

Selena is one of the heroes who is quite difficult to master because the combination of skills requires calculations. If it is wrong to attack, it will definitely become a snack for the opponent’s hero as Selena’s HP is very thin.

2. Soft

While it has a pretty deadly attack, Selena doesn’t have a good defense. In mage or assassin mode, this hero is still very easy to kill.

3. Vulnerable to CC

When attacking in Assassin mode, Selena has to be close to the attacked enemy, making her vulnerable to crowd control. Especially when there is a team fight and there are heroes like Aurora or Saber in the opposing team, you have to be particularly careful.

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Well! Those are the strengths and weaknesses of Hero Selena Mobile Legends that you should know about gear. Of course, by reading articles from TechnoGang, it is understandable to use Selena’s hero, especially in 2021.

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