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Tips to move the rank of Mobile Legends 2021 to Mytic | Games – Push Rank is a way to achieve a high rank in the Mobile Legends game. The higher the rank you want to reach, the longer the push rank will take. So the push rank of Mobile Legends is quite tiring for the gang as well.

Reaching a high rank to achieve Mytical Glory is not easy folks. There are so many things that must be considered in the process in order to achieve it. In fact, careless maneuvering will frustrate you.

Well, in this article, TeknoGeng is going to share some tips and tricks on how to get a good and correct Mobile Legends push rank. Let’s check out the review below.

1. Don’t play alone

Playing solo is tiring, you know, because there are so many problems that you will experience while playing. You might meet feeders, noob players, map blinds, and so on. So Mimin recommends not doing a solo rank if you want to do a push rank.

I also don’t recommend playing a full team as you will most likely encounter a team that is both a full team. If you are already in Legend II and above, you will likely meet professional players. Even if you are already a Mytic, you will encounter professional players training for tournaments like MPL.

Mimin suggests playing a trio or three people, folks. We don’t usually meet players who are good at gangs. At least we’ll meet the jockey players. If your skills are already above these, chances are you will win the gang.

When playing a trio, you are trying to succumb to two public gangs. But at least your friends need to choose a mid-laner as their role on the gang team is very important. The other two people can use tanks or riflemen. The point is, you have to give in to the two remaining public players.

Push Rank Mobile Legends
Mobile Legends Push Rank Tips | Street rat

2. Use the OP Hero meta

One of the best ways to get ranked quickly is to study Over Power Heroes. You need to know, yes, meta-heroes keep changing from season to season. This change depends on the nerfs and buffs Moonton made as the developer of the Mobile Legends game.

Typically, Moonton sends notifications of buffs and nerfs that appear in the latest patches they release. This is how you can get the message box. Usually they are updated every 1 month, but significant changes are not made too often.

You can also see the makers of the Mobile Legends game on Instagram or Youtube keeping you informed of the latest patch. They’ll usually also provide information about Buffs and Nerf Heroes, even events that are about to take place.

Heroes who receive buffs, of course, make them stronger, if not overly significant. So if you want to rank up in season 15 for example, use meta-heroes who are OP in that season. Here Mimin recommends heroes who are still META and OP in season 15: 10+ Best Surgical and Meta Heroes Season 15 Mobile Legends 2021

Another way to find out which metaheld is OP is to watch the professional players play, either at the top tier or at tournaments like MPL. You check out which heroes they typically use when you play in Season 15. After you know what heroes there are, the next is master.

3. Master 2 OP heroes

Now that you know which meta-heroes are OP, the next step is to master one or more of these heroes. Usually there are at least 2-3 meta-heroes of each hero role who are OP in each season.

From the received OP hero data, choose a hero who fits the role you can play. For example, you usually play hero tanks, so master the OP tank hero with at least 2 heroes. For example, if you love to play tanks, you can master the hero Khufra or Grock.

If you can, don’t just play a part. There can be at least two hero roles, for example tank and fighter or sniper and assassin. Especially if you like to play trios or solos, you automatically have to be able to play more than one hero role.

If you play a trio or solo, you have to master at least 2 gang hero roles. For example, if you play a trio, you automatically have to lose to two people in the audience. For example, if you’re usually just a tank hero and the public uses a tank hero, you will be confused later and affect the team’s performance.

Push Rank Mobile Legends
Mobile Legends Push Rank Tips | TechnoGang

4. Pay attention to the team composition

Earlier, Mimin mentioned that you need to master at least two hero roles, with each role controlling 2 heroes. That said, there are 4 heroes that you really need to master, gang. Now, if you are good at mastering a lot of heroes, you will be flexible in the hero draft session.

Not only do you have to master the surgical meta-hero, you also have to be good at drawing heroes. At this stage, you shouldn’t be negligent in choosing heroes, let alone banned heroes. In fact, it is difficult and considerate to design this hero so that you don’t pick the wrong one or get banned.

One of the tricks you can use when drawing heroes is knowing each hero’s counters. For example, the opponent selects Aldous, who is a very dominant hero in the late game but weak in the early game.

In this way we have to fight with heroes who can dominate in the early game, including Gusion or Lunox. As the next hero you can then choose Grock, who also has very high damage in the early game. That way, the combination of Gusion and Grock can prevent Aldous from developing in the early game.

5. Look at the map more often

You really need to master the skill of monitoring the map if you want to get into high gear. Because when you master the map, you can know where the enemy is, when is the best time to farm, kill turtles and lords, and so on.

Now it is really mandatory for you tank and support users to master the map awareness. Because you always have to be the corpse of your comrades so that they don’t get killed. So you have to get rid of the BLIND MAP immediately, gang, if you want to push the rank to Mytic.

6. Never surrender

Let alone in life, even while playing, try not to give up. Instead of giving up, you better play more carefully. Because nothing is impossible in the Mobile Legends game, even if your team’s position is badly beaten. If you have the best moment, you can win the game with an epic comeback.

When playing carry, try to avoid team fights as you know the level and gold that the opposing team lost. Focus on farming while being protected by other heroes. Try to be objective with push towers or kill turtles if possible.

Try to grab the moment and use it for an epic comeback. If there is a team fight, try to play in your tower area, but clean up your opponent’s minions first. Most likely you will win if the team fight takes place in the tower.

Push Rank Mobile Legends
Mobile Legends Push Rank Tips | Street rat

7. Frequent game rating

This method is very important, but it is rarely done. If your team loses a lot, try to review and analyze your recent games. Together with your team, conduct an analysis of what makes us lose or win.

From this analysis we will know what the best gameplay on our team looks like. In addition, we will also learn more about how to use emblems, spells, and items. Also, pay attention to whether or not we have used the meta that is currently widely used.

8. Don’t play at prime time

Try not to play during prime time or when a lot of players are ranked Mobile Legends. If you play at random times you might run into a good team or a team with noob players, feeders, etc.

GM’s ideal push rank hours are 8pm to 11pm. If you play a trio, you will most likely win at these times. Because the opponent will not be gangs. At the very least, you will meet a player who is kidding. But when your skills are better, you can win. Epic’s push rank clock is also the same as GM’s as the levels don’t differ much.

9. Don’t gamble when you are tired and emotional

Your performance in the game is also influenced by your mood. So try to play when you are in a good mood. Playing Push Rank after a break will most likely maximize your performance.

When you’re on a losing streak and your mood is not in a good mood, the first thing you should do is stop being gang. Don’t force gamble when your mood is angry. It will mess up your game. Better to take a break, go out first and even have coffee with your friends ^^

10. Make friends pro player

If you have friends who are very good at playing Mobile Legends, try inviting them over to a game together. Even if you don’t accept it because your friend is very good, try to get rid of your ego. We can learn a lot from him on how to become a good player or even a professional.

There are so many things we’re going to get when we play push rank with pro player gangs. Because they have higher flying hours, stronger instincts and a lot of knowledge. So we can learn a lot from them.

That’s the gang, a few tips and tricks on how to do it Mobile Legends pushes rank. When I look at how they become pro gamers, they usually do the above method. Although Mimin is not a professional player, most professional players often do the above. Hopefully it’s useful to rank happier push, and don’t forget to rest guys.