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Tips on playing Gun King mode in Free Fire to win

Gun King Free Fire Mode – Garena is continually updating its flagship free fire game. Underneath, Garena presents a new mode at the end. Gun King is a new mode in the FF game that runs from May 25th to the end of May 2021.

In this mode, each FF player fights against 7 other players until the end of the fight that takes place on the Bermuda map. The difficulty that every player faces in this mode is the very small circular zone that makes us unsafe to hide.

At the beginning of this mode, each player is only equipped with one knife that he can use against other players. Also, you can look for other weapons to deal with the enemy.

King of Arms mode in outdoor fire
King of Arms mode

You could say it is difficult to play in this mode because if each player fails to look for a weapon like a gun, they will be easily defeated by other players. The point is, you don’t rely on weapons like knives to fight other players enough.

because you can only hit 1 player with a knife. Then you have to look for other weapons like rifles or pistols to defeat the next 3 players.

There are various weapons to fight for in this mode, such as pistols, grenade weapons, and bats, all of which have the ability to defeat other players.

Tips and tricks for winning in Gun King Free Fire mode

For those of you who want to play this mode, the tips are so as not to miss other players looking for weapons. because you miss little, you can easily be defeated by your opponent. There are various weapons mentioned above so that they can be used against the enemy.

Also, you often hide in a closed place until the enemy is in front, then you can fight them with the weapon you got earlier

The winner of this free fire mode with the King of Arms is the player who gets the most kills. So use strategies like hide and seek to win the game in this mode.

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