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Tips on defeating Hero Ling -

Hi guys, welcome back to the Bangudinpro review, thank you guys!
This time I will give you some rating or tips on how to beat this ling.
Well, for those of you who also hate Ling’s heroes because the enemy picked him up and also played a pro who used Ling.

ling mlbb

So this time I’m going to share tips on how to beat this Ling hero
If the tips on defeating Hero Ling mean we have to look for Hero Ling’s weaknesses, then you are right, friends. Well, Ling is a melee hero type and a hero assassin type. Well, you know he plays from a distance in Hero Assassin Type, right. Ling is of course often used by Mobile Legends players. In addition, he is a new hero who came out for people to compete for this hero. Well, so Ling is a scary hero-assassin combo.

1. Ling is weak without Blue Buff.
As for the problem of weakness, Si Hero Ling certainly has the same weaknesses as other Assassin type heroes, this hero has full strength in his skills that are very helpful in battle. Well, he has a lot of weaknesses here too, calm down.
Although Ling has a great damaging skill, using this skill requires Ling a lot of energy and is long lasting. So this weakness of Ling, he can’t do without the blue buff, because without the blue buff, Ling’s energy runs out quickly, so Ling doesn’t use his skills, people. So when the enemy gets Ling, try to take the enemy’s blue buff as much as possible so that Ling’s energy is wasted when Ling uses his skills.

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2. Ling is weak against Stun Hero
So, all of the types of assassins you know are not all invincible, they all have advantages and disadvantages. Now, like this Ling, Ling is very weak against Stun and for those of you who want to defeat this Si Ling, now hear that Ling is very weak in physical and magical defense. If the enemy chooses Ling, get ready for Ling, we must find the right hero to defeat Ling

3. Use the hero combo
Ling focuses on one goal. So since he is focused on one target, you can distract him and attack him first, right or not. The hero who can defeat this ling has three ling weaknesses so you can use it if you want to kill this ling. Which hero is now suitable to defeat Hero Ling? Well, Ling is some sort of assassin or remote hero, Gaess. So this ling is often used by people with combo attacks, yes, he said. I tried Si Hero Ling because he is known to be a very scary harm hero assassin.

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The hero who can defeat the heroine

1. Chou fighter.
Well actually, I really hate this character, Chou. This Chou is still a fighter type, isn’t he? Chou is a typographer who can beat Si Ling guys. For those of you who already think Si Ling is a scary hero, he is considered the most feared to defeat this Ling.

2. Helcurt assassin
Now this Hero Assassin who can defeat this Hero Ling, come on, guess Helcurt Dong. Helcurt, because this Helcurt is some kind of assassin who can defeat Ling. The thing is, when you deal with that Hero Ling, when you use this Helcurt you can use Shadow Transition or other abilities to silence and deal physical damage. Hero Ling is afraid of being weak against numbness and silence. Well, that’s really good for defeating that Si Ling. After that, you can use the 2nd skill with Deadly Stinger to drastically reduce Ling’s HP, but try to have 5 stacks of deadly poison stings for maximum damage. Using this 2nd skill, you can quickly defeat this Ling hero. Well, you can accompany this by using the Petrify spell to add an extra stun on the target. As I said earlier, this hero Ling, he is very afraid of silence and numbness and he is very afraid of physical strength because he has skills in Helcurt
Silence is pretty long and paired with a petrifying spell, right, so you can defeat this ling very quickly.

That’s it folks, tips are just Si Ling’s weaknesses, and any hero is perfect to take down Ling. Hopefully it will be useful and by using this ling we will already know what ling’s weaknesses are.
So here is the Bangudinpro review and I hope you enjoy it.

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