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Tips for the easy attack on Inferno Tower COC

Tips for attacking Inferno Tower COC, Must Know !!!, Inferno Tower is a defense tool for your base in the game Clash Of Clans (COC). This inferno tower is the scariest scourge as other defense tools in COC game. The tool gets scary because the attack can hit more than one target and the attacks from the Inferno Tower are continuous and uninterrupted on the enemy. That scares the players of being confronted with this defensive tool.

But if you have good strategy, this inferno tower won’t be a barrier for you to level the opponent’s base. But anyone who deals with this defensive instrument for the first time will certainly be a little afraid. Don’t be afraid to try, so you can be brave to attack the base with an inferno tower. Here are some tips for attacking the Inferno Tower below.

Please read Tips on Attacking the COC Inferno Tower


Attack on the Inferno Tower

When you attack the enemy base at a high level. You should not only pay attention to the enemy’s inferno tower, but also other means of defense are necessary, as these can pose a serious threat to you. So you have to be good at choosing a suitable troop in order to penetrate the opponent’s defenses and survive the attack of the opponent Inferno Tower. Suggest choosing thick HP troops like Lava Hound and Golem as tankers, as well as other troops like Balloons, Minions, Wizards, and Pekka.


It is not only necessary to choose a troop that will contribute to your success in destroying the opponent’s Inferno Tower. You will also have to choose a spell that will also be very helpful in destroying the Inferno Tower. Many COC players used the lightning spell in destroying the Inferno Tower, but it was a very wrong choice. Because to destroy 1 inferno tower, you need 4 lightning spells with the maximum level. So if the opponent’s inferno tower is destroyed, other means of defense will be a threat to your squad. Suggest that you can use a spell that will help our force destroy the Inferno Tower with Frost spell. You only need to use 1 spell, but you need to use the ability to get the timing right so that this spell is not wasted.

Inferno mode

If you want to attack your opponent’s base, you need to watch out for the opponent’s inferno tower. You also need to find out if your opponent’s inferno tower is in single target mode or multi target mode. Inferno Tower multi-target mode for high HP troops, but when it becomes single-target mode the attack will hurt even more


Attack on the Inferno Tower

The final tip is to execute and apply it in a strategy that allows you to attack your opponent. You can use the spell when the troop approaches the inferno tower. Seeing your intelligence, the situation and the conditions of the battle will be tested. If you use the Freeze spell too quickly even though your squad is still outside the base Then the duration of your spell is lost and your spell is wasted in vain.

The point is to defeat this inferno tower, you must have a troop with thick HP so that you can form a living shield against the inferno tower. Because the attack from the Inferno Tower in multi-target mode on troops with high HP such as Lava Hounds and Golems will not do much. But when it becomes a single target mode, the attack becomes even more painful. Suggest using the GoWiPe strategy when attacking the base with the Inferno Tower. Because golems with thick HP become shields, while PEKKA and Wizards destroy buildings in front of the golems. In addition, the choice of the spell used also determines the success of this strategy. You can use the Rage, Freeze, and Heal spells to help your squad destroy the enemy’s base.

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These are some tips on how to beat the Inferno Tower. Are Vexa friends interested in using these tips? Or even used these tips. Until next time.

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