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Tips for defeating Luo Yi and counter hero Luo Yi

Well, yesterday, Hero Luo Yi was present for free on the original server through Event 515 on Mobile Legend. Luo Yi is a hero mage who has very good ying-yang skills in terms of both damage and crowd control. Hero Luo Yi has 4 skills and can teleport teammates to the enemy. Additionally, Luo Yi’s ability has crowd control that can attract or stun and slow enemies, making Luo Yi difficult to eliminate. You must be annoyed if you are constantly being eliminated by Luo Yi, especially since this magician hero has to be escorted by a tank hero and is therefore hard to beat. Don’t worry for those of you who feel Strong with this new Luo Yi hero. I will give tips on how to defeat this Luo Yi magician.

If the tips on defeating Hero Luo Yi mean we have to look for Hero Luo Yi’s weaknesses. Well, Luo Yi is a hero mage, which means he has thin HP. Luo Yi is now widely used by Mobile Legends players because of his overpowering abilities. So this Luo Yi, a creepy hero mage, because he has a lot of damage.

Tips for defeating the hero Luo Yi based on his weakness

Has no ability to escape
Luo Yi’s first weakness tip has no ability to escape. For Si Hero Luo Yi’s weakness problem, although he is overpowering, he certainly has the same weaknesses as other mage-type heroes. Although Luo Yi has a deadly damaging skill, Luo Yi does not have an escape skill, so it can be easily picked up by the enemy. So Luo Yi’s weakness is that he cannot advance without a tanker because he has no escape skills. With Luo Yi alone ahead, we can use our hero skills to catch up so Luo Yi can be eliminated. So the weakness of this Luo Yi hero has no ability to escape if he stands too apart. So try, when Luo Yi is alone, you can collect Luo Yi so he can be eliminated, people.

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Weak against Hero CC and Lock.
Luo yi’s second weakness is weak against Hero CC and Lock. Although Luo Yi has a high damage ability, you have to use the Ying-Yang combo to use this ability so it takes quite a long time. So, all of the types of heroes you know are not all invincible, they all have advantages and disadvantages. Luo Yi is very weak against stunning and for those of you who want to defeat this Si Luo Yi. If the enemy chooses Luo Yi, we need to find the right hero, e.g. B. a hero to control the crowd or a hero to defeat Luo Yi like Khufra, Natalia, Chou and Selena.

Have a lot of combo skills
The third weakness is that Luo Yi has a lot of ying-yang combination skills. So when you use a skill, it will take a delay for the combination skill Ying and Yang to activate so that Luo Yi cannot deal with the enemy individually. The hero who can defeat Luo Yi I mentioned above so that you can use him to target Luo Yi.

This is Luo Yi’s new Counter Hero

Weak against Hero CC
The crowd control heroes who are suitable against Luo Yi are Franco and Khufra. Franco’s and Khufra’s heroes are tanker-type heroes. Franco and Khufra are types of tanks that can counter Luo Yi by removing Ability 2 from Khufra, which can provide CC skills, and Franco who can provide a hook with Ability 1 so that it can pick up Luo Yi. Although this skill cannot eliminate Luo Yi directly, but if there is a hero core, we can eliminate Luo Yi. For those of you who already think Luo Yi is a scary hero, he says he is the most feared, now you can use Franco and Khufra.

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Weak against Hero Lock
This castle hero or castle hero for Luo Yi’s counters are Natalia and Chou. Hero Chou and Natalia are suitable for eliminating Luo Yi as Luo Yi has a thin HP. When Chou and Natalia face this hero Luo Yi, don’t worry because Luo Yi is gradually weak as it takes time to use combo skills. When Luo Yi was alone, it was a good opportunity to eliminate Luo Yi with Natalia and Chou.

These are the weaknesses and tips to defeat Luo Yi who is very overpowering and Counter Hero to defeat Luo Yi. Next, I’m going to give you more information about mobile legend heroes. If there are any suggestions as to which hero guides you would like to discuss, you can contact me using the contact form below. I’ll check out the hero guides later, ok!
See you in the next episode, bye!
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