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Time Tunnel Free Fire: Leaks and Attractive Prices

Free Fire Time Tunnel Event – For those of you who have recently played FF games, you need to be familiar with the Time Tunnel event countdown.

Yes, you can see this time tunnel countdown by pressing number three on the FF game main page.

The button with the number three symbolizes the third anniversary of Free Fire. The third birthday or anniversary of FF, which falls in August, is celebrated with a huge event called the Time Tunnel.

Time tunnel free fire
Countdown time tunnel free fire

Since the Time Tunnel event has not yet started, we will first discuss the leak of this event. You can enjoy the leaked Time Tunnel Free Fire event that we feature below.

Free package at the Free Fire Time Tunnel Event

It’s incomplete if the Free Fire birthday event doesn’t come with a special anniversary package.

At this Time Tunnel FF event, Garena released two anniversary packages that consist of a female and a male bundle.

This anniversary package has a punk theme with a dominant purple color. You can get this cool anniversary package for free later by exchanging tokens.

However, there is no further information on which bundles can be obtained for free.

Free characters in the Time Tunnel F eventF.

With Time Tunnel being a big event, Garena doesn’t hesitate to provide 26 free characters to its players. You will receive these 26 characters later in the form of a free trial card with a term of 7 days. These 26 characters consist of attacker, overseer and scout characters.

Simply logging in and you can get a trial card from these 26 Free Fire characters.

You can register on 13.-18. Log in on August 19th to receive a trial card for an attacker character. Log in for a charging character on August 25th-31st. Log in August to receive a Scout Character Trial Card.

Time Tunnel: Schedule the Bermuda Jubilee Mission

In the Plan Bermuda Anniversary Mission, you can get the Chainsaw skateboard skin.

Bermuda Jubilee Mission Plan
Bermuda Jubilee Mission Plan

In addition to prizes in the form of skateboard skins, you can also receive other attractive prizes such as avatars, anniversary backgrounds and loot boxes.

Time tunnel: explore the anniversary mission

In addition to the “Plan Bermuda Anniversary” mission, there will also be an “Explore Anniversary” mission.

According to the leak, in this case there will be tokens, character fragments and universal fragments that can be collected to receive attractive prizes.

Exclusive anniversary gifts in the Indonesian region

At this anniversary event, each region will have different prices, so the prices for one region and another will not be exactly the same.

There are rumors that later Free fire Indonesia will provide exclusive prizes in the form of cell phones and skin-top-up katana.

These are the leaks about the Time Tunnel Free Fire event that we can convey. Look forward to the upcoming Time Tunnel Event, because this event is a big event with many prizes. Might be useful!

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