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Thompson Free Fire, new powerful SMG weapon!

Thompson’s Weapon Free Fire – Free Fire is one of the most popular mobile games in many circles. On April 8, 2021, this game presented an update again to pamper its players.

Garena added a lot of things in the update. In addition to yesterday’s event in search of red and blue eggs, Garena has updated again with the presentation of a new weapon called the Thompson.

You can find additional new modes, features, and other elements to try.

Not only that, Garena has lowered unmitigated guns, pets, and new characters too.

Thompson’s new weaponFree fire

One of the April 8th updates that was interesting to point out was the presence of a new weapon called the Thompson. The presence of this new weapon has been very well received by Free Fire players.

Thompson’s new weapon is sure to make you and other Free Fire players curious and challenging to try it out; Thompson Free Fire.

Thompson Free Fire Senjata
Thompson Free Fire

You need to know that Thompson is classified as an SMG (Submachine Gun) type weapon. This Thompson rifle is also an SMG type that has a large magazine.

You can get the full potential of this Thompson weapon by using it in the medium to short range. For those of you who can’t wait to try the reliability of this weapon, you can play it in Classic Mode right away.

Thompson Best SMG GunG

MP40 was previously named by Free Fire players as the best SMG weapon in the Free Fire gaming universe. However, after the advent of Thompson, the MP40’s position as the best SMG weapon seems to have shifted. You can make an assessment by looking at Thompsons new gun stats below:

  • Rate of fire: 77
  • Magazines: 40
  • Accuracy: 34 (medium range), 33 (long range)
  • Reload: 48
  • Range: 33

The rate of fire on this Thompson weapon is the highest rate of fire that weapons have in Free Fire. The accuracy of this weapon is also quite high, especially in the close and medium range.

The ammo capacity of this weapon is quite large with a fairly quick charge of ammo, which makes this weapon reliable in the battles you are engaged in. Unlike other SMGs, this Thompson is more flexible, so you can add attachments to this weapon too.

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