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This is the redemption code, request it now!

Paleolithic Bundle Free Fire – Free Fire or ff is indeed a popular game that was played by many gamers late this year. Many events are presented in this game by Garena.

Many free gifts have also been given out to this ff player, on this occasion we will discuss how to get Paleolithic which has been coveted by many free fire players.

This bundle is one of the prizes Garena is making available to FF players.

Paleolithic Bundle Free Fire
Paleolithic Bundle FF

The shape of this bundle is like the Indian clothes that can be used when playing the open fire, especially during games.

If this bundle is used automatically, the opponent will be interested in using this ff package.

And the opponent has to look for a way to get that package

This is how you can easily get Paleolithic bundle-free fire

To get this bundle, all you have to do is exchange it on the free fire code exchange page on the Garena official free fire rewards page. anyone can use code FF7MUY4ME6SC to trade for this set of Paleolithic bundles.

  1. The trick is to enter the free fire pit.
  2. Sign in with each user’s free Fire account
  3. Then paste the code FF7MUY4ME6SC .
  4. Finally done by clicking on Confirm.
  5. You will automatically receive the Paleo Lithic Free Fire Bundle

If so, you can use this bundle by changing the value of each user as follows.

How to change the character vault using the Paleolithic Bundle FF

When you get the bundle, you can try it out by changing clothes or using this Paleolithic free bundle of fire as follows.

  1. Open the free fire game
  2. Click on Vault.
  3. Then select the fashion menu
  4. Customize sets like hats, glasses, masks, shirts and pants by turning them into the paleithic bundle set that you received earlier
  5. Done, you can exit the vault menu and show the package to your enemies or friends.

How to get the Paleolithic Free Fire Bundle Set by simply using the redemption code. Hopefully it will be helpful!

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