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This is Manay, the Free Fire World Champion

Manay, Free Fire World Champion – For those of you who love to play Free Fire games, it is mandatory to know who the professional players who have made a huge contribution to the Indonesian Free Fire game world are.

Well, one of the pro gamers that you need to know is Manay. The man, whose real name is Muhammad Farchan Rida, is the holder of the Free Fire World Championship 2021.

Manay’s win in the most prestigious Free Fire competition of 2021 made the audience instantly hilarious and proud.

Manay Free Fire World Champion
Manay Free Fire World Champion

Because this Free Fire world title is very prestigious and not easy to achieve.

Have already taken part in a tournament with cracked HP

The beginning of Manay’s entry into the world of esports began with his love for games. Because SMA Manay likes to visit internet cafes to play online games that are currently trending.

Manay also started his career in the world of esports from scratch. He even recruited team members regardless of the team members’ abilities. Because Manay cares more about people with strong determination than people with high ability but weak determination.

He even entered a tournament with a terrible cell phone condition. The cell phone he was using at the time had low specifications and a cracked screen. However, that hasn’t stopped Manay’s determination to keep going in the esports world.

Now Manay becomes Free Fire World Champion with brilliant successes

Aside from being the first ever winner of the Free Fire World Cup 2021, Manay has had other achievements as well. It is reported that he won the title of Free Fire Indonesia Masters S1 Champion, the second winner of the Free Fire Asia Invitational, and also second place in the Free Fire Summer League.

The various achievements that Manay has created are the result of his determination and hard work. Although his parents resisted his desire to get into the world of esports, Manay never gave up.

He patiently explained to his parents that sport was a passion that he wanted to pursue.

After patiently explaining it to his parents, Manay now has the full support of both parents. Manay’s parents were also proud when Manay managed to make Indonesia proud at the 2021 Free Fire World Cup tournament.

This is the information about Manay, the Free Fire World Champion that we can convey. Hopefully Manay’s story can be an encouragement and inspiration to all of us.

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