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This is the latest TH 14 COC update that you need to know about

As we know, the game Clash Of Clans (COC) is a strategy game that is currently on the rise. In addition, there is the update of the town hall (TH) 14, which was just released in 2021. This update from TH 14 includes several upgrades related to buildings, troops and there will be some theme changes. In this article we discuss what updates you will get in the latest TH 14 COC. The TH 14 COC update is explained below.

Let’s take a look at the latest TH 14 COC update

Town Hall 14


In City Hall 14, COC will describe the state of the forest atmosphere with old pictograms and hieroglyphs around the building. The building has kept various secrets of the wisdom of the ancient battle of wisdom.

This TH 14 has resources, heroes, troops, spells, and you have to believe that this TH 14 has its own combat ability. You can find this when your base has been destroyed by your opponent’s troops. Then City Hall 14 will immediately drop the poison bomb that has just been introduced and cause damage. It will also slow down the opponent’s attack and movement.

Town hall objects (TH) 14


If you’ve upgraded to City Hall 14, you’ll unlock at least a couple of items including 25x Wall, 1x Air Bomb, 1x Search Air Mine, 1x Skeleton Trap, 1x Bomb, and 1x Giant Bomb. You will also receive other secret items when you upgrade to TH 14, which will be announced along with the Town Hall 14 patch update launch.

Change of town hall (TH) 14

In this new town hall 14 you have a total of 8900 hit points. They also take 20 days and cost up to 16 million gold if you want to upgrade. Aside from these improvements, you will also get some balance changes that will be made in this update. This update is not just about Town Hall 14 from COC, there will be more updates as well.

The Clash of Clans game team has confirmed that there will be an update in the form of a huge content release, and perhaps the most significant for the COC game yet. With so many updates you get. So if you want to get into all the details, you can search the Clash of Clans forum for an explanation.

New hero

There are 4 types of Hero Pets in this TH 14 update, namely LASSI; Electric owl; Mighty yak; and unicorns. Here is the explanation.

1. LASSI: High jumper
In the form of an adorable but ferocious pup that attacks nearby targets and can even jump over walls to attack enemies. LASSI has eyes that look like a postman’s feet.

2. Electric owl: high voltage
With a mysterious appearance, this superconducting bird of prey glides silently with the hero and automatically gives the hero additional points. Electro Owl fires a ranged attack that ricochets off the nearest target once.

3. Mighty Yak: Wall Buster
It had tousled hair, as if it weren’t too threatening, its skull and horns were harder than a mountain. Mighty yak can use its horns to pave the way for its fellow heroes by doing extra damage to walls.

4. Unicorn: Personal healer
This pointy-headed pony with its glowing horns can serve as a beacon for lost travelers at night. Heroes who enjoy her regenerative charisma will recover damage over time as their own personal healers.

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Shut down

This is the article about the TH 14 COC update with some changes. Are Vexa friends interested in upgrading to TH 14 COC? In this case, don’t forget to update immediately. Until next time.

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