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This is how you overcome the full HP memory easily and precisely

This is how you overcome the full HP memory easily and precisely – Smartphones or cell phones have gone through quite a drastic development. From the very beginning just for communicating and sending messages, it can now be used for gaming, recording sound, camera, video and much more. With increasing use, this naturally also has an effect on storage.

HP’s limited memory is limiting the device’s performance, so many warnings about full memory are given. The memory is full as it holds a lot of things from camera data, audio, video, and even saving the history from a browser.

Some ways to overcome full HP memory easily and precisely

The cause of the full memory on the mobile phone is usually due to the large number of files that are not important or the accumulation of junk files of the application. We therefore need a way of making storage normal and unencumbered. Besides deleting the junk files, there is another option to move files to a cloud drive. The way to overcome a full HP memory is as follows:

1. Use the Google Photos app

Google photos
Google photos

With the support of the HP camera functions, many users are sure to use it to document any activity or activity with the camera. Along with the increasing resolution of the camera functions on the HP, this also results in a larger file size for the camera. To overcome this, you can use the help of the Google Photos application.

Google Photos can save photos to a Gmail account so that the phone’s internal memory doesn’t fill up quickly. In addition, the advantage of this application is that it can quickly and easily open files uploaded to a Gmail account without worrying about consuming a lot of quota.

2. Use the Google Drive app

Drive storage
Google Drive

Google Drive is a solution to reduce the file load on HP’s internal storage. In addition, it can also open the file across many devices so that when you need a file all you need to do is enter a Gmail account. The drive has a capacity of 15 GB for cloud storage, including enough capacity to back up data or transfer data from HP storage.

3. Using other cloud storage apps

Mega cloud
Mega cloud

Much like today’s multi-drive cloud storage that is scattered around the internet. Some applications or cloud storage providers besides Google Drive are Telegram Applications, Mega Cloud and many other cloud service providers. You only have to upload it to the provider, then the file is saved and the uploaded files are available at any time and can be accessed via devices other than HP.

4. Use a flash disk or external hard drive

How to overcome HP full memory

In addition to cloud storage, there are other options, namely moving data to a flash disk or an external hard drive. The advantage is that no Internet data quota has to be used to transfer data to the internal memory. The moving time was also relatively faster. However, the cell phone must support the OTG function in order to be able to read flash drives and external hard drives. The downside is that if the file gets damaged, it will be lost automatically.

5. Using Junk File Cleaner Apps

How to overcome HP full memory
CC cleaner

An alternative solution to improve memory performance on HP is to clean up junk or useless files. An example is when we install an application and then uninstall the application, a folder of trash files is automatically created from the application.

Hence, it is necessary to install the application in order to be able to delete these junk files quickly. Some applications that can clean up junk files quickly and easily are DU Cleaner, Clean Master, Nox Cleaner, CCleaner and so on.

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Shut down

It is therefore necessary to use existing functions and applications in order to free up a full HP memory. Hopefully, Friends, Vexa Game will come in handy to improve performance and relieve the burden of a full HP memory.

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