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This is how you make the internet stable and increase its speed

How to Make the Internet Stable and Speed ​​Up – The presence of the Internet is becoming increasingly noticeable along with the pandemic, which results in a person’s ability to perform in the office or other outdoor areas. Government rules restricting outdoor activities often keep us at home. Whether it is work or schoolwork, do it from home or people often call it work from home. So you really need to set up an internet connection that needs to be stable.

Stable internet can get tasks done and work smoothly without any connection problems. The homeowner’s internet connection typically uses WiFi, but due to the limited cost of using WiFi when the user is only one person. As a result, many of the workers, students, and college students use cellular network connectivity.

This is how you make the internet stable and increase its speed

Several problems arise when using the cellular network, namely, many users complain that the Internet over the cellular network is unstable. So that it disrupts and hinders work or other tasks. There are several solutions or tips and tricks for this problem that can make the internet faster and more stable.

1. Activate airplane mode or airplane mode

how to make the internet stable

One of the tips for dealing with poor signal quality is to turn off all cellular networks and WiFi or other connectivity on smartphones. This airplane mode works by disconnecting all incoming networks on the smartphone. When this flight mode is deactivated, the smartphone automatically searches for a stronger or more stable network. In addition, the function of flight mode is to save battery, speed up the performance of the smartphone and speed up the charging of the battery.

2. Perform network settings

This network setting is used to make settings for the cellular network signal, regardless of whether the priority is on the 4G / 3G network. Because normally there are areas that can only use the 3G network for the Internet connection, on the other hand there are also areas in which the 4G network is stronger than the 3G network. To be able to set the network, you can access the settings menu directly and then enter the cellular network settings on the smartphone.

3. Restart the smartphone

Restarting this system has a function that can update the smartphone system, improve smartphone performance by clearing RAM, and fix errors in the system readings. In addition, it turns out that there are other interesting facts, namely, overcoming problematic cellular networks that usually occur when you use a smartphone for too long but never turn the device off.

4. Change locations

This tip, while it seems simple, can also help with problems with poor cellular connections. Because there are often several problems that can make the Internet network slow, namely the location factor. For example, being in a room or an enclosed space can sometimes affect or reduce the quality of the cellular signal. So the solution is to move to a place where there aren’t many obstacles.

5. Use or deactivate VPN

how to make the internet stable

VPN can be a solution to speed up Internet connections because VPNs are private, so the network path is passed by the VPN users themselves while maintaining the security of network connection traffic. However, if the VPN doesn’t support our cellular network or is having problems with it, try turning it off so the internet is stable and uninterrupted.

6. Contacting customer service

After performing various internet network handlers but still failing, ask the customer service of the cellular provider. Since there are several incidents, namely network interruptions, although the Internet we are using is initially fluid and stable, it suddenly slows down or can no longer be used, the network provider can interrupt the network.

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Shut down

This made the internet stable and faster. So that your activities are not disturbed by a slow internet network. Hopefully useful for friends Vexa Game.

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