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This is how you can easily get free KOF Skin 2021

How to Get Free Kof Skins – Of course, for those of you game lovers, you need to be familiar with this one game. Mobile Legends game loved by different groups.

This May, Moonton is bringing back a big event that happens every year.

Those of you who have played these five games will definitely know this event. KOF 2021 event hosted by Moonton.

How to get a free KOF Skin 2021
How to get a free KOF Skin 2021

The KOF 2021 event will start soon.

An event where all players receive KOF 2021 skins for free.

When will the event take place

The loyal players of the Mobile Legend game should not miss this event.

This KOF event 2021 will accompany you in the game from May 22, 2021 to June 20, 2021.

In addition, pre-orders for this event will begin May 22-29, 2021.

Dont miss it.

How to get Kof .Skin tickets

To get the KOF Skin, first make sure you have the ticket. Use the following method to get KOF 2021 tickets

  1. Complete the Moonton Daily Mission in Mobile Legends
  2. Open in the KOF collection menu
  3. There are several missions for you to complete in the KOF collections menu
  4. If you split the event 1 time, you will receive 2 KOF tickets tiket
  5. If you top up Diamond 1 time, you will receive 2 Kof tickets
  6. Charge 50 diamonds to receive 3 KOF tickets

After completing the mission and having lots of tickets, you can instantly trade in your KOF tickets for a chance to receive KOF skins for free

This is how you can redeem and receive KOF Skin 2021 for free

  1. After completing the mission and having some tickets, you can exchange KOF tickets to get KOF 2021 skins
  2. On the daily mission, open the KOF-Stempel-Penukar redemption menu 2021
  3. After redeeming the ticket, complete the bingo reward template to receive the KOF 2021 skin
  4. Make sure the pattern you are creating is oriented vertically or horizontally

In addition to vertical or horizontal, you can also create an oblique pattern. As long as the pattern you created is parallel, you can get the KOF 2021 skin

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