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This is the Famas Vampire Redeem Code, hurry up

Redeem Code for Vampire Famas – Weapon skins or weapon skins in Free Fire are not only useful for adding patterns or designs to weapons. Because every weapon skin in Free Fire has additional attributes or statistics that can make the weapon more powerful.

This is why so many Free Fire players want a lot of weapon skins. For those of you who want a free gun or weapon skin, you can try entering the redemption code.

Well, in this article we are going to reveal the redemption code that you can exchange for the Famas Vampire Skin.

Redeem Fama's Vampire Code
Fama’s vampire weapon

Fama’s Vampire is rated as a pretty good Legend skin so it would be a shame if you don’t have time to try this skin out.

Redeem Fama’s Vampire Code

The Famas Vampire Skin deals two additional points of damage, adds a magazine point, but reduces a range point.

Even if the range is reduced, that Fama’s vampire skin will still be very strong and painful at medium range.

You can get this skin by entering the redemption code on the Garena official gift exchange website.

The following is the redemption code: UEHM P9L2 2B3J.

How to Redeem the Famas Vampire Redemption Code

If you still don’t know how to redeem the redemption code, we’ll explain the steps. The steps below are to get Fama’s vampires:

  1. Open the browser on your phone to access the Garena official website to redeem the code at
  2. Next, all you need to do is enter the code UEHMP9L22B3J in the specified column.
  3. Press the confirmation button and wait for a while until you see a notification that the code redemption process was successful.
  4. Wait 5-30 minutes for the redeemed gift to be added to your Free Fire account. After waiting, you can immediately accept the gift by exchanging the redemption code in the mail or message.

As a reward you will receive 2x FAMAS Vampire Weapon Loot Crate.

Inside the FAMAS Vampire Weapon Loot Crate is a Famas Vampire Skin that you can use. That’s enough for the first article describing the code to get these Vampire Famas, hopefully it’s useful!

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