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This is the easiest way to make WhatsApp stickers

The easiest way to create WhatsApp stickers that Vexa friends can imitate. Now that we’ve designed an image using the PicsArt application, let’s move on to the next step. The first thing Vexa friends need to learn is how to create WhatsApp stickers with PicsArt. This way Vexa friends can create unique and cool stickers! Creating your own stickers is very satisfying, because Vexa Friends can increase creativity without limits!

Easy ways to make WhatsApp stickers

There are several steps that you need to take in order to continue with the previous steps. Make sure your Vexa friend has downloaded the Personal Sticker application for WhatsApp. There are many other applications for making stickers out there, but this time Vexa friends will use this one application as it is very easy to use! Here are the steps Vexa friends must follow:

Steps to Create WhatsApp Stickers

  1. Download the personal sticker application for WhatsApp (if you don’t already have one)
How to make WhatsApp stickers

2. After the download is complete, open the application. This is what it will look like

How do I create WhatsApp stickers?

Friend Vexa choose the + Tanda sign

3. Enter a name for the sticker pack and the author as you wish Vexa Friend

How do I create WhatsApp stickers?

4. Then select the icon that is in the first order


5. Friend Vexa select the picture you want, if it’s not there, select the icon in the top left corner then an ad like this will appear and select “Picture”


6. The vexa-Buddy switches to a file that contains a large collection of image files from your Vexa-friend. Select a file called PicsArt to search for images that Vexa friends have previously edited on PicsArt


7. Once the file is open, there are a number of images that you can edit with PicsArt. Select the image you want, Vexa Buddy.


8. The picture also appears below in the name and author of the sticker pack, the picture has become a sticker


The package must have at least 3 pictures for you to use Vexa, then add 2 more pictures. Choose an image with a clear color, not like the ad below which indicates the image cannot be a sticker


9. Add 2 images to use as a link from the selection of images provided below


10. Then select the check mark when you are done, the following text will appear and select “Add”


11. Next, Vexa friends switch to the WhatsApp application and try to see the collection of stickers that Vexa friends have. The stickers that make Vexa friends are already included

How to make the simplest WhatsApp stickers

12. Use the sticker carefully

Here's how to make the simplest WhatsApp stickers

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Vexa friends already know the easiest way to create WhatsApp stickers that Vexa friends can use right away. Make stickers as attractive as possible and make the chat even funnier! Be careful in choosing images so as not to offend race, religion, and culture. If you want to share something with Vexa friends, e.g. B. Tips, tricks and reviews, please share them in the comments column!

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