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This is Benedetta Mobile Legend's ultimate ability, Super OP!

Skill Benedetta Mobile Legend – Lately, the world of Mobile Legend has been enlivening with the arrival of a new hero named Benedetta. Still published on the Advance server, this hero has stolen a lot of attention from Mobile Legend players.

This is due to the deadly abilities of this Benedetta hero. Benedetta is a female hero character who is an assassin type.

In Mobile Legend, the heroine Benedetta is told as the son of a low-ranking soldier who was punished for rebellion.

Benedetta Mobile legend
Benedetta Mobile legend

Even so, Benedetta has amazing skills as an assassin. Some people even think that this hero will be so strong that he has the potential to be a target for ranking bans.

New hero ability Benedetta Mobile Legend

Quite a few people say that this Benedetta hero is one of those all-powerful assassins that might make you curious about this hero’s abilities.

The following are the abilities of the new mobile legend Benedetta Held:


When you press the basic attack button, Benedetta’s stack will be filled. When the stack is full, Benedetta jumps in the direction he’s looking.

This Benedetta stack can also be filled by spending basic attacks or skills. Passives owned by Benedetta can also be used to penetrate walls or walls.

Ability 1

This one Benedetta skill attacks in the form of an area. Benedetta would leave her shadow to attack the enemy while she retreated for a while. After retreating for a while, he will instantly advance to attack the enemy.

The damage the enemy takes increases by 20% when Benedetta’s shadow attack hits the enemy.

Ability 2

Skill two of this Benedetta hero will, at a glance, be similar to Lancelot’s ultimate skill.

Using Skill 2, Benedetta storms forward while attacking the enemy he passes. This second skill can also be used for immunity to any damage, which makes this skill pretty terrible.

Also, after using the second skill, Benedetta will be immune to crowd control for 0.5 seconds.

Skill 3 (Ultimate)

Benedetta’s ultimate skill is also in the shape of a hyphen and is almost similar to the second skill. It’s just that Benedetta’s attack lasted a few more seconds, even though she’s finished with the sprint.

Enemies can also die a few seconds after receiving the ultimate from Benedetta. By using her Ultimate, Benedetta will not be seen while she is sprinting. He will also give the enemy a 70% slowing effect for 0.8 seconds during the sprint.

This is the information that we can convey about the new heroine Benedetta who will appear. You can see that Benedetta has a lot of sprinting and immune skills that make the hero slippery and difficult to catch.

With this hero not officially released on the original server, Moonton still has time to repair, change, or improve this Benedetta hero’s abilities.

Hopefully the presence of the Benedetta hero in this mobile legend can make the Land of Dawn even more exciting and colorful.

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