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This fragrant Genshin Impact Player gets 5 5-star characters at once

Ganyu – Genshin impact. (miHoYo) – For Genshin Impact players, attracting gacha is an important factor. Especially for those who are on the hunt for 5-star characters or the waibu that they want to dream.

Because 5-star characters have a very slim chance of getting it. It is not uncommon for people to spend millions of dollars to get what they want.

Likewise, free-to-play players collect Primogenes and even save them if they wait for the right time to pull off Gacha. Everything was done to get the dream character of Genshin Impact.

Characters like Ganyu, Diluc, Venti are ideal characters that are hunted by many players. It will be very difficult to get even miHoYo as the developer offers some help.

Like retreating 10 gacha at once, there will be 4 stars for both characters and weapons for sure. And there’s a pitty system, if you don’t get 5 stars it’s guaranteed at the 100th gacha.

Genshin influence.  (miHoYo)
Genshin influence. (miHoYo)

While there are helpful mechanics, 5-star characters are still very hard to come by in Genshin Impact. Because it would be an honor to have it.

However, there was one player who was lucky like a durian and the goddess of luck met him. He gets five 5-star characters at once in a gacha pull.

Not an edit but the original in a live streaming video of a gamer who was surprised to get that luck. Even the recording was pushed into the spotlight.

Namely Aria, a YouTuber who made a livestream while pulling Gacha Genshin Impact. He drew from the Ganyu banner, which is currently available in ten gachas.

Suddenly he was surprised to get a gold colored meteorite. Bennett appeared first, then Ganyu followed, which made him shiver. But the surprises don’t stop there.

He was surprised to get Keqing, who is also a 5-star character, followed by Ganyu, then Mona is also a 5-star character, Genshin Impact, until he was finally surprised at how big the win is.

In this 10-gacha drawing he got Qiqi, three Ganyu, Mona, Bennet and four 3-star weapons. Of course, as soon as this player smells good, he can get that lucky.

Gacha Genshin Impact with good luck.  (Youtube)
Gacha Genshin Impact with good luck. (Youtube)

Immediately this Youtuber was left out on a voice call with his friends while he was playing the game of miHoYo. Don’t miss the audience on the live streaming chat.

This is what this Genshin Impact player from Japan smells like, you can get five 5-star characters in one gacha pull at the same time. Have you ever been so lucky?

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