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These are the top 5 Meta Mobile Legend Warriors for leaderboards

Best Mobile Legend Hero for Leaderboards – With the advent of mobile games and all of the competitions in Mobile Legends. On this occasion the admin will describe the 5 best Mobile Legends heroes for ranked games.

The Best Mobile Legend Heroes for Ranking These are the 5 best Meta Mobile Legend Heroes for ranking
We all know that ranked matches are one of the most prestigious modes in MLBB where players get stars (by winning every game). Earning stars will bring you one step closer to a better rank. But be careful if you lose the game as it will result in the loss of stars. This rank is also known as division. There are 6 ranks / rank / rank in Mobile Legends, admin will explain it for you. Also read: Mobile Legends Ranking.

As a rookie you start in the Warrior Division. If you win the game step by step you will get Elite Division / Tier, then Master, Grandmaster, Epic, Legend and Mythic as the last Division / Tier. Just click to take part in the ranked game, you must be level 8 or have at least 5 heroes to take part in the Mobile Legends ranked game.

5 Best Meta Mobile Legend Heroes for Ranked Play

In addition, Mythic is the highest rank in the MLBB. If you are in the top 50 players in Mythic, you will get a very high ranked title, namely Mythical fame. In addition, players can unlock in this division exclusive avatar limits.

Admin currently holds the title of Grand Master, and the highest I have ever achieved is the Epic level. I know it’s very hard to move forward because some players are really hard to beat and there are a lot of AFK tragedies, but it is. It takes time and dedication to reach the highest ranks. The admin’s advice is to choose a good team and destroy everything.

In order. It won’t take long if you’ve brought your strongest squad to play ranked Mobile Legends, then it’s time to choose the best hero to play ranked Mobile Legends.

Best Mobile Legends Hero for Leaderboards

The best heroes for ranked games are:

  1. Alucard.
  2. Moscow.
  3. Yun Zhao.
  4. Karina.
  5. Balms.

That is the choice according to the understanding of the admins. Maybe you have your own point of view. So please determine who is the best mobile legend hero for ranked play.

What you need to underline is that you have a tank hero and all the support you have when you choose Assassin or Fighter. Don’t forget to prep Marksman too, so it’s more balanced.

This is how the admin explains The 5 best Meta Mobile Legend Heroes for leaderboards. I wish you the best of luck in choosing the best mobile legend for ranked play. Don’t forget to look for related articles in the search box on this site. That’s it. Also read: Terms in Mobile Legends.