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These are the 6 strongest heroes from Counter Esmeralda in Mobile Legends

These are the 6 strongest heroes from Counter Esmeralda Mobile Legends, a hero figure that many have hitherto been reluctant to fight. Everyone would know that Esmeralda is a pretty overwhelmed heroine! Especially if the user is very smart, this hero can be a very deadly and dangerous opponent. This lover of khufra is very troublesome, especially his troublesome skills. The percentage of Esmeralda’s presence at games is still quite low as she is always on the blacklist.

Even so, there is nothing wrong with Vexa’s friend learning this one hero. One of them knows the counter-hero Esmeralda. Nobody knows when Esmeralda escaped the prohibited list, do they? Especially for Vexa friends who are still in a match that doesn’t require a draft pick, be careful with Smurf accounts or Esmeralda users who can come at any time!

These are the 6 strongest Counter Heroes and Tips & Weaknesses from Esmeralda Mobile Legends

There are several heroes that Vexa friends can rely on to counter Esmeralda and give Vexa friends hope of victory. Several lists of heroes who are Esmeralda’s tokens have their respective advantages. Most importantly, is there any of the heroes on this list that Vexa friends can use against Esmeralda? Here is a list of heroes from the Esmeralda Mobile Legends counter that Vexa friends need to know:


Counter Hero Esmeralda Mobile Legends

With his high damage ability, this one hero can be an annoying enemy for Esmeralda. Vexa Friends use a combination of Eudora Skills in the form of Skills 1 and 2, which can stun and then end with the Ultimate.


Counter Hero Esmeralda Mobile Legends

One of the shooters who is very reliable at kiting or who can be called a poke. Claude’s skills as a kiter will certainly make it difficult for Esmeralda to fight him. Support Claude with powerful build items to make him even more invincible! Check out cool quotes from Claude and other Sagittarius!


Counter Hero Esmeralda Mobile Legends

Is a sniper character with a quick cooldown and the effect of his passive ability that hurts. Karrie’s quick and agile skills can kill Esmeralda in no time! Also, learn about Karrie’s best builds that can make her even stronger and unmatched!

Counter Hero Esmeralda Mobile Legends: Guinevere


Hero with high service and damage abilities in the early game. He is blessed with the ability of a long stun effect and can render Esmeralda motionless in a matter of seconds. Of course, this could be a dangerous position for Esmeralda once Guinevere gets the hang of it!


Is the best hero against Esmeralda! With her ability to create a silent effect, Esmeralda Helcurt cannot counter and has no chance of stealing shields from nearby enemies. No wonder Helcurt can also be useful as a support hero, curious? Now also know the best support heroes!

Counter Hero Esmeralda Mobile Legends: Aurora

Build aurora sick

With the ability to stun almost all of her abilities, this could be a sign of danger for Esmeralda. Once she had combined all of her skills, Esmeralda would not be able to move an inch and her chances of dying would be even greater!


Kimmy's sick build

Kimmy’s ability to keep shooting non-stop will make it difficult for Esmeralda to approach her. Still, be careful when Esmeralda tries to use her ulti, so always make sure the situation stays safe.

Counter Hero Esmeralda Mobile Legends: Franco

Strongest Franco build

On the tank side, Franco is the right person to take down Esmeralda! Her ability to attract opponents and a high CC effect will make it easier for her teammates to fight her, especially Esmeralda has no escape skills other than her ultimate and cooldown skills that take time.

Esmeralda’s weaknesses

Esmeralda's strongest build in Mobile Legends

How? Were you able to spot some of Esmeralda’s weaknesses from some of the counter-heroes that Vexa’s friends read? Take it easy, for those who still find it difficult and prefer detailed explanations, then here are Esmeralda’s weaknesses Vexa friends need to learn:

  • Crowd Control, Esmeralda is very weak with CC effect because she attacks enemies in order to steal their shield
  • Athena’s shield, has a high magic resistance effect and can make it difficult for Esmeralda to kill the enemy
  • High burst damage, Heroes with high burst damage can easily kill Esmeralda
  • Ganking, sudden attacks and ganking immobilize Esmeralda, especially since she has no ability to escape.
  • Waste of Mana, Esmeralda is a heroine who relies heavily on her skills and this, of course, leads to the fact that she wastes mana, without which Esmeralda is not a dangerous opponent
  • Combos are difficult, using Esmeralda with the right combos is very profitable, but otherwise messy combos will make them useless
  • Ultimate Skill, Esmeralda’s only escape skill! This skill is also quite tedious, the opponent can clearly see when Esmeralda started to spend this skill, especially requires the right timing!
  • Lack of CC skills, just her ultimate, so Esmeralda’s character as a tank is not very good, she will not be able to cover her friends well

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Shut down

Esmeralda is one of the deadliest heroes in the game. Even though he’s a hero mage, you really need more strength to kill him! Is Esmeralda your Vexa friend’s favorite heroine? Or the hero Vexa is most afraid of? Make sure you always play the game wisely and get enough rest. If you want to share something with Vexa friends, e.g. B. Tips, tricks and reviews, please share them in the comment column. OK!