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The Strongest Lapu-Lapu build soon to be overhauled

Hi folks, welcome back to Bangudinpro Review, thank you guys!
Today I am sure to give you more information about Mobile Legends heroes. This time I will be giving the Strongest Lapu-Lapu Fighter Build in Mobile Legends.

Build Lapu-Lapu Strong 2021

Lapu-Lapu is a Hero Fighter Assassin who specializes in Chase Chest Damage which is quite durable and quite easy to use. Lapu-Lapu has ability 1 which throws both swords at the enemy, which deals damage and can hit many enemies. Lapu-Lapu also has the ability 2 to jump in the direction we indicated and deal damage when hit by an enemy, which is useful for chasing enemies and escaping from the enemy. In addition, Lapu-Lapu has the ultimate ability that creates some kind of symbol on the ground that explodes, dealing damage and stun when the enemy is hit, and goes into Heavy Sword mode, giving Lapu-Lapu 3 new skills receives. And Lapu-Lapu receives an additional 20% base damage in Heavysword mode. Playing this Lapu Lapu hero requires the right items to be able to maximize the benefits of this Lapu Lapu hero. This is the Strongest Lapu-Lapu build of 2021. Check it out !.

Here are the items for the great chief Lapu-Lapu Hero.

Warrior boots
The first item in the Lapu-Lapu build is warrior boots. This item is an armor shoe that can increase Lapu-Lapu’s physical defense and movement speed. These armor shoes can safely harden further against physical attacks by the enemy.

Bloodlust ax
The second item in this Lapu-Lapu build is Bloodlust Ax. This item is a physical item that can inflict additional damage on the opponent. In addition, this item also features spell vampire or items that can regenerate HP based on skill damage. So this item is suitable for Lapu-Lapu as he is a hero who can continuously inflict damage so that he can regenerate HP and also deal damage to the enemy.

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Blade of Despair
The third item in this Lapu-Lapu build is Blade of Despair. This item is a high physical damage item that can greatly increase Roger’s hero damage. With this item, Lapu-Lapu can inflict very lethal physical attack damage on opponents, causing them to be eliminated quickly. So you need to purchase this Blade of Despair item for a run-in.

Queen’s wing
The fourth item in this Lapu-Lapu build is the queen’s wings. This item is a defense item that can reduce damage taken. This item can also offer physical attack, extra HP, and cooldown reduction. In addition, the item also has a passive when the HP is low, the item can increase physical lifesteal for 5 seconds to allow the Lapu-Lapu to continue to survive. With this item you will become a hero who is not easy to defeat.

Rose gold meteor
The fifth item in this Lapu-Lapu build is a Rose Gold Meteor item. This item is a physical item that can give Lapu-Lapu a shield so that it lasts longer and cannot be easily disposed of. This item can also offer physical attack and magical defense and when Lapu-Lapus HP is below 30% you will get a shield that can absorb damage. With this, Lapu-Lapu becomes a hero who is not so easily eliminated and can also come forward to help the team win the team fight, and this item also has a definite life steal.

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The final item in the Lapu-Lapu build is immortality. The last item that is no less important is natural, because this is the item you can use to level up again after a defeat. Therefore, this item is also clearly needed by fighters like this Lapu-Lapu, who can offer additional HP and also physical defense. You can buy immortality as a final item as this is just in case when you are mukil or in the mood for an enemy whose HP is dying and or ganged by an enemy guys.

This is the Strong Lapu-Lapu Hero Build

Sick Lapu-Lapu Articles 2021

Okay come here first guys! Next, I’m going to give you more information about mobile legend heroes. If there are any suggestions as to which hero guides you would like to discuss, you can contact me using the contact form below. I’ll check out the hero guides later, ok!
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