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The Strong Angela Build 2021 suitable for Meta Hyper Carry

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Today I am sure to give you more information about Mobile Legends heroes. This time, I’m going to be giving Build Angela Tersakit, which is good for hyper-carry meta support in Mobile Legends.

Ill Angela Build 2021

Angela is a support heroine who has been used a lot lately because of the meta hyper carry. Angela has the Love Wave skill which releases love energy in the direction of the target and causes a slow effect. Angela also has the Puppet on a String skill, which deals magical damage and slowly inflicts a slowing effect on the target and causing an immobile effect when this skill is still connected. Angela also has the ultimate Heartguard ability which can create a shield for a selected teammate on the map. Angela will stay with her teammate for 12 seconds and Angela can use all her skills too. So Angela’s Ultimate is very effective at keeping low HP teammates in order to reverse combat conditions. Here’s the Strong Angela build in season 17, check this out !.

The following items are heroine Angela Bunnylove.

Courage mask
The first item in Build Angela is a Courage Mask item. This item is a room item that can add HP and reduce cooldown reduction. User support has to buy this item so that your main hero can get a lot of gold because when we use this item we can’t get anything from minions and creeps if there are teammates around us who don’t buy this item. Although this item can’t get gold from minions or creeps, this item has one that can give EXP and gold on a timescale. The usefulness of this item not only increases HP and cooldown reduction, but can also increase the movement speed of it and about 30% of a team’s hero, allowing you to run away or chase enemies. So this item is suitable for Angela as it can help the core team hero to make the item go fast.

Magical shoes
The second item in Build Angela is Magic Shoes. This shoe item is a cooldown reduction shoe that can reduce cooldown skills and increase Angela’s movement speed.

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Fleeting time
The third item in Build Angela is Fleeting Time. Items are magical items that can do additional magical damage and a reduction in cooldown time. Additionally, this item can also provide an instant reduction in cooldown after being eliminated or assisted. So this item needs to be used by Angela in order for the cooldown of Angela’s ultimate to be fast so that it can be reused.

Necklace of the Durance
The fourth item in Build Angela is the Neclace of Durance. This item must be used as a support by heroine Angela. This item can reduce the enemy’s lifesteal when you deal damage with a skill. In addition, this item can also provide cooldown reduction and magical lifesteal. So when using this necklace of stamina, be ready when the enemy fails to regenerate their HP so they can be easily defeated.

Frozen wand
The fifth item in Build Angela is the Frozen Wand. This item is a magical item that deals bonus magical damage and can also slow enemies. This ice queen wand is very good for Angela as it can help weaken the opposing team. In addition, this item also gives a slow effect, the item also offers additional magical power, mana, movement speed and also magical lifesteal which is very suitable for Angela.

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Dominance ice
The final item in Build Angela is Dominance Ice. This item is a defense item that can provide mana, physical defense and also movement speed. This item can also slow down the next enemy Hero’s movement and attack speed. With this item, Angela can help the team weaken the opponent’s hero so that it can easily eliminate the opponent. This makes Angela the most effective support hero when playing Hyper Carry.

This is the Strongest Angela Hero build of 2021

Ill Angela Article 2021

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