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The strengths and weaknesses of Hero Wanwan in Mobile Legends | Games – Wanwan is a shooter in Mobile Legends who has very extensive skills. It is possible that this oriental hero will become a forbidden subscription in the future. If left alone, this hero becomes really dangerous.

This hero will be coming to the Origal Server at the end of November 2021. You can get this hero with diamonds or BP. Well! Before deciding to buy this hero, you should first know the strengths and weaknesses of the Wanwan hero.

Based on my experience after trying it out. Below are the pros and cons of Wanwan Mobile Legends.

Wanwan’s advantages

Wanwan Mobile Legends

Wanwan Mobile Legends has many advantages over its weaknesses. Even if we’re currently comparing it to other shooters, Wanwan has a slight advantage. Here are the strengths and weaknesses of Hero Wanwan in Mobile Legends:

1. Tank murderer

One of Wanwan’s strengths is her ability to inflict real damage on her target. This ability is similar to Karrie’s passive ability, which of course is very powerful for crippling fat heroes like tankers.

Wanwan’s passive ability, Tiger Pace, allows her to give enemy heroes a token called “Weakness”. When Wanwan attacks a hero with this marker, he deals real damage equal to 2.5% of the target’s maximum HP.

With this ability, Wanwan becomes an annoying shooter for tank heroes. Although they have high physical defense, it is useless as they cannot reduce the real damage.

In addition, the percentage of true damage done by Wanwan is based on the target’s maximum HP. This way, the greater the target’s HP, the greater the true damage to Wanwan.

Wanwan’s damage also increases by 30% if she manages to attack all of the target’s weaknesses for 6 seconds. This way, Wanwan’s damage gets even bigger once it has entered the mid to late stages of the game.

2. Skills Line Infinite

Another skill Wanwan has is that she can do unlimited sprints. With this ability, Wanwan can become a very slippery marksman and difficult to pin down.

After making a basic attack, we can point the left analog at the desired stroke. This sprint has a very short distance, but if we do it continuously, Wanwan becomes very agile. Your left hand will be a little sore when you play this hero.

Wanwan has a faster sprint movement when she has a high attack speed. Because with a high attack, he will perform more basic attacks.

3. Have skills Immune

This skill is of course urgently needed in today’s meta. Because almost all heroes are very weak against crowd control. Through immunity, we can be immune to all CC effects.

Now Wanwan’s second ability will allow him to evade all CC effects. This skill is more or less similar to the combat spell Cleansing, both of which can have a debuff effect.

This ability is of course very useful for dodging CC heroes like Kaja and Chou. With this ability it becomes very difficult to gank Wanwan. The opposing team may have to give Wanwan two CCs if she doesn’t want her to survive.

4. Damage is AoE

Wanwan’s ultimate has a rather complicated mechanism where this skill is active when it has attacked all of its weakness targets. It is now not an easy task to meet all weaknesses.

However, if the target is dead from the ultimate skill, other heroes nearby will also be affected by that skill. Even its duration increases by 1 second and its attack speed is increased by 40%.

With this ability, Wanwan will be the most effective hero for teamfights. Although the likelihood is very small, this ultimate ability can be activated at any time during team fights.

5. It’s hard to get gangs

Wanwan is a very difficult archer to handle. Because he has limited sprinting ability. We can use the dash as long as we are performing a basic attack or ability. Additionally, he also has a poke skill, which is an area of ​​his first skill.

What is no less great than Wanwan is their immunity ability. He can dodge enemy CC heroes like Johnson or Chou. With these skills, melee heroes like fighters with CC skills will have difficulty even dealing with Wanwan.

But it all comes back to the players themselves, guys. Professional players will usually be very difficult to find.

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Wanwan’s weakness

Now that we’ve discussed the pros, let’s go back to the cons. You need to know this if you don’t want to regret purchasing this one hero. Let’s check out all of the cons below.

1. Complicated ultimate ability

Earlier, Mimin mentioned that Wanwan’s ultimate has a pretty complicated mechanism. Because we have to hit all of the enemy’s weaknesses if we want to activate him. While our attacks hitting all weaknesses are not easy either.

Usually the target withdraws after Wanwan successfully hits its 3 weaknesses. You certainly don’t want to harness Wanwan’s ultimate ability. Because if that happened, they could die instantly.

3. Depends on passive and ultimate skills

According to Mimin, Wanwan is a marksman who requires skill compared to simple attacks. In fact, Wanwan’s basic attack group is already very large in the late game but will still lose to other shooters like Bruno and Irithel with higher DPS.

In the meantime, it’s not easy to use Skill 1 and Ultimate either. It will be difficult for us to meet all of the enemy’s weaknesses. They tend to play more defensively when hit by 2 or 3 weaknesses. That way, it becomes more difficult for us to surrender the ultimate skill.

3. Very soft and dies quickly

It is very natural, guys, that Sagittarians are very soft and die quickly. Because these two things are traits that almost all archers in Mobile Legends have.

Despite having unlimited Dash and Anti-CC skills, Wanwan will still lose to heroes like Hayabusa and Eudora in one shot. So you should be careful when dealing with these heroes.


Wanwan is a full skill Sagittarius. He has anti-CC abilities, unlimited dash and a tank killer. But using all of your abilities to be effective is not easy. He is very dependent on passive and ultimate skills, which are very difficult to achieve.

That’s a little discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of Wanwan Mobile Legends. Hopefully it can be a reference for those of you who are not sure whether to buy this hero or not. Because buying a hero is pointless, but it doesn’t suit your gameplay.

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