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The sickest Kagura build, 1x combo skill Dead Enemy!

The sickest Kagura build

Kagura is one of the heroes with a very sick role mage. Even with one touch of the umbrella, a lot of blood is drawn from the enemy. Imagine if we manage the skill combo it will be sure that the enemy dies instantly.

It is for this reason that this hero is also used quite a lot, as it is quite a chore for the enemy, especially when the players have already mastered it. Well, of course, if you want to make good use of Kagura’s hero as well, you need to know the build and the explanation of the skills so that you can use it properly and properly.

Explanation of the Kagura Skill

The discussion of Kagura’s abilities can be quite lengthy, but here I’m only going to share the most important points you should know. The first thing you need to know is that this Kagura has the ability to avoid being stunned on the condition that Kagura must hold her umbrella.

If Kagura is stunned, he can be avoided using his second skill. So with every attack try to always have the Kagura umbrella in your hand as it is very helpful to anticipate the stun that will hit you.

In addition, Kagura can be combined very well for skills 1 and 2. If you attack with skill 1, you can use skill 2 to move straight to Kagura’s umbrella. So these two skills must be used carefully to attack or escape from enemies.

Then, for Kagura’s ultimate, any enemy near Kagura’s umbrella will be bound and slowed down. Kagura’s ultimate is very good for you when the team is fighting. After getting hit by the ulti, you can move to the umbrella and then increase the damage by pressing the ultimate skill again.

So we can use Kagura’s ultimate twice. First bind the enemy, then move with skill 2, then move on to the additional ultimate skill. So I believe that in this state the enemy will die. Plus, when a lot of hordes are hit by enemies, Triple Kill, Maniac, or Savage isn’t impossible.

The sickest Kagura build

Of course, apart from the expertise of the Kagura hero, it won’t be optimal without the right build. Hence, you need to know which items can maximize Kagura’s damage. Well here is the Kagura build arrangement that can do a lot of damage.

Create Kagura Mobile Legends

In the image above, in addition to the build arrangement, I’ve also prepared emblems, talents, and spells that are suitable for Kagura. I tested the build and in fact the damage is no joke. Therefore, for Kagura’s emblems and talents, it is safe to use a magical emblem with magical worship talent that is capable of creating a burning effect if the enemy is damaged.

Meanwhile, to determine the most rewarding spell for Kagura, which is Flameshot. This spell is very useful when the enemy you are attacking has some blood left and is trying to escape then you can fire a flame shot to end it.

Well that was the explanation of the Kagura hero along with the build item. Hopefully this will help you understand better and get better at playing kagura.

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