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The Sickest Build Hanabi Mobile Legends 2021, Must Go For Full Damage!

Mobile Legends players now know this one hero, Hanabi.

Hanabi is a marksman in Mobile Legends who is known for her strong team fighting skills. She herself is narrated as a female ninja exhibiting a kunai or shuriken. Hanabi has three abilities that can make the enemy difficult. In addition, if Hanabi is closely guarded by a tank at his side, the enemy will think twice about killing Hanabi.

Among the lower ranks (Mythic and below), this hero sells well in terms of both active and passive skills. Defense and combat tend to be strong, especially with the right item builds.


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In short, Hanabi’s own ability consists of a passive ability that provides a shield to protect them from slow / stun / deactivate effects. In combination with Skill 1 Petal Barrage, Hanabi receives a life steal – the key to victory from the shooter. Although Hanabi’s abilities are pretty strong, players still need to know how to build to maximize damage.

This article covers the sickest hanabi build and deadly damage.

Building objects Hanabi hurts

1. Berserker’s Rage & Scarlet Phantom


Berserker’s Fury and Scarlet Phantom are Hanabi’s core items that you need to build first (the order doesn’t matter). The combination of the two items adds attack speed and critical damage effects.

Passive Berserker’s Fury offers a 65 percent critical chance. Equipped with Scarlet Phantom, it increases attack speed and triggers more critical hits. This will allow Hanabi to farm more efficiently and help with team fights.

Make sure this build needs to be in place before entering the war (at least there is Scarlett Phantom). If you get stuck in the late game, your players will have to pick items like the Rose Gold Meteor and Queen Wings. These two items are very useful when your hero’s HP is low!

The combination of these two build items works best for heroes like: Bruno, Lesley and Roger.

(Tips: Can also be combined with Endless Battle as it can cause greater damage)

2. Endless fight + blade of despair

Endless struggle and struggle of despair

After receiving the above two items, the next step is to buy Endless Battle + BOD. The combination of these two items makes Hanabi a guaranteed deadly shooter.

BOD itself increases a large physical damage bonus when the opponent’s HP is below 50%. This effect works in combination with Endless Battle, which deals 60% real damage. In addition to real damage effects, Endless Battle itself offers lifestyle and cooldown skills that help Hanabi in war.

Endless Battle’s additional true damage depends on your overall physical attack. Using BOD will maximize the damage done by Endless Battle. Not to mention Scarlet Phantom and Berserker’s Fury.

3. Wind speaker

Wind announcer

With the addition of Wind Talker, which has a movement speed of 20%, a critical chance of 10% and an attack speed of i40%, this gives your team a significant advantage.

Agility is one of the keys to this item. Hanabi could have withdrawn quickly and attacked again or chat with opposing players.

It is recommended to use Hanabi in Gold Lane. The effects of real damage, physical damage and movement speed given by the five build items above are guaranteed to disorganize the enemy as they approach you.


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Hanabi emblem recommended

Hanabi emblem

The only emblem you need to use on Hanabi is the Marksman emblem. Critical chance and critical damage from emblems will be very useful in the early game, especially if you don’t have a critical chance from items.

You can use Electro Flash or Weakness Finder. Electro Flash is useful for increasing Hanabi’s mobility. While the weakness finder is useful for giving a slow effect to the target. Both of these will be useful in helping Hanabi escape in certain situations.

Combat magic Hanabi

For Hanabi’s combat spells, use flicker to increase Hanabi’s insufficient mobility. This spell can also help Hanabi reposition themselves.

These are some tips for building hanabi items, as well as recommendations for emblems and combat spells. Good luck, dear league players!

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